"Why that, Leonard?"
Season 3, Episode 19
Production code: 002
Airdate: January 8, 2013
Director: Jico Vinco
Written &
storyboarded by:
Lexther Kimpo
"Now and Forever"
"Shiver Me Timber"


Magic Man casts a spell on Leonard telling him to throw Finn in a volcano.


The episode starts where Leonard is in his room, brushing his teeth. He then went to his bedroom and went to sleep. While he was sleeping, a shadowy figure captured him. The next morning, Leonard woke up and saw Magic Man. Leonard said that he is dumber than the Ice King. But Magic Man replied "You are uglier than Jason!" Leonard, all angry tried to attack Magic Man, but MM zaps him casting a spell on him, telling to throw Finn into a volcano.

The screen switches to the Tree Fort. Finn and Jake are playing BMO. Leonard knocks on the door. Finn opens the door, and sees Leonard. Finn greets him and invites him to play BMO. Leonard said that he would rather go on a walk. Jake said that he would rather play BMO. But Finn agreed anyway.

Leonard suggests that they should go to the volcano and fight some Volcano Guards. Finn agrees. And then, Leonard attempts to push Finn in the volano, but Finn balanced. He asks why Leonard is doing it. Leonard then said that Magic Man casts a spell on him.

Finn screams that he will save him, but he need to find Magic Man. But first, he trapped the hypnotized Leonard in a tiny jail. Finn goes into Marceline's house, and sees Marceline fighting Magic Man. Magic Man says that she is too old to live. Marceline is about to hit MM with her Axe Bass, but Finn halts.

Marcy asks why he is here. Finn says that he is looking for MM to reverse-spell Leonard. Marceline then, puts her Axe Bass near the neck of Magic Man. Marceline shouts that he should reverse the spell. Magic Man agreed but he needs some snail slime. Finn remembers that he got a Snail on his backpack.

He takes it out and gave it to Magic Man. Magic Man accepts the Snail, and reverses the spell. The screen switches where Leonard is still in the cage, and he is cured. But wonders why is he in a cage. Finn says that his work here is done, and thanks Marceline. Marceline makes a peace sign and leaves.

The screen switches where it is night already. Leonard is still in the cage. Leonard screams for help and someone shouts that just smash it. Leonard did and left.


  • This is the first episode of Season 3.
  • Snail is found when Magic Man zaps Leonard, casting a spell on him. He also appears where Finn gives Magic Man the Snail.
  • This is the first time Simon Riley appears on a episode.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Leonard
  • Magic Man
  • Marceline

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Jake
  • BMO
  • Snail
  • Ice King (mentioned)
  • Simon Riley
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