The Western Desert Alibon (Aka the Islamic Republic of Alibon) is the nation that Anamorphic Echidnas are native to. It is like many nations in the central continent are under the rule of the Robotroplis Empire. Even though that is the case they are ruled by Dimirti who is De-Facto ruler of the nation.


The Government is a Religious Military Dictatorship which is ruled by a Supreme Leader dubbed as the Crusaider Chancellor. The current crusaider chancellor is a Echidna named Dimirti who was the father of the founder of the Dark Legion. He is De-Facto Sub-Boss since his Great-Great-Grandson Kragok the Echidna is the supreme ruler under Nightmare's regime.

Military Edit


Dark Egg Legion Troopers rallying for Khan the Hedgehog's return as Yang-Di Pertuan Agong of the Nantal Clan on South Island

The Military consits of troopers of the Dark Legion troopers who wear black robes with red face masks that consist of yellow eyelids. It also consists of Nightmare Troopers that are anamorphic Echidnas.

SWATbots are not included because they have their own robot units known as the Metal Knuckles SWATbots which are Silver Sonic verisons of Metal Knuckles.


The Echidnas before subjigation of Nightmare were free under the rule of their Echidna Council and brotherhood of guardians. They worshiped the Knuckles Clan and Chaos. Then a group of Echidnas led by Dimirti, his son and grandson had been influenced by their ancestors known as the Nocturnus Clan and they became the Dark Legion. The Dark Legion had invaded Echidnaoplis numerous times.

The Dark Legion after various defeats had became allies of the Nantal Clan of South Island. Then Preisdent Nightmare subjigated the unholy alliance and made them send out their top warriors to subjigate realms and their inhabatants under his rule. President Nightmare had congradulated the Dark Legion for helping him with the Nantal clan conquer the centeral contenent and had his forces with the Nantal clan on the same night he arrested the smashers his goons caught, to Echidnaoplis in which they subjigated the nation under his rule as the Dark Legion as promised ruled Echidnaoplis and the Western Deserts.


Supreme LeaderEdit

  • Kragok the Echidna (Sub-Boss)
  • Dimirti the Echidna (De-Facto Sub-Boss, Official ruler)
  • Luger (former 3rd Sub-Boss)


  • Moritori Rex (Grandmaster)
  • Hulk Hogan the Echidna (Grandmaster)
  • Kingston the Echidna (Grandmaster)
  • Remington the Echidna 
  • Lein-Da
  • Gae-Na
  • Komi-Ko
  • Dr. Finitevus
  • Xenin
  • Julie-Su (Formerly)
  • Simeon (former Grandmaster)

National AnthemEdit

Hey, Echidnas, there still lives
National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Alibon

National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Alibon

the Echidna language
As long as our faithful heart
beats for our nation!
There lives, lives, lives the Legion spirit,
it will live for ages!
Thunder and Hell, in vain are
your rages against us!
Enerjak entrusted to us our language
our thunderwielding god.
Therefore, it must not be ripped from us,
by anyone in the world!
Let there be as many devils,
as there are people in the world
Enerjak is with us: who's against us,
will by Perun be swept
Even if a tremendous storm
rises above us,
The stone cracks, the oak breaks,
and the earth quakes!
We will stand always firm
like the castle walls,
To pits of the black earth be damned
whom betrays treacherously!
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