Marshalia Abadeer
Wasteland Future Marsha
Name Marshalia Abadeer
Gender Female
Age 14 (biological age)

1058 (actual age)

Species Vampire-Demon
Occupation Commander

Princess (formally)
Baker (formally)

Relatives Wasteland Future Hunson Abadeer (father)

Wasteland Future Marceline (sister)
Wasteland Future Rose Abadeer (motherr)

Introduced In Adventure Time Reboot: Time Travel Arc
Voiced by Mathison Chicetawn
Commander Marshalia is Marsha's original future self from 60 years into the future. She makes a major part in Adventure Time Reboot: Time Travel arc. Once Cyborg Hunson was reprogramed her personality and what she looked like changed as the future did.


His appearance varies slightly from that of the Marsha from Ooo. In her humanoid form, her clothes are more ragged and on her left arm, there is a long scar that runs from her shoulder to her knuckle. Her midnight black hair is always tied up in a pony tail, unlike Commander Marceline, whose hair is always down.

In her demon form, Marsha wears a black outfit similar to what future Twilight Sparkle from "It's About Time" wore. She light brown Rainbow Dash mane is always visible for some strange reason. Under her outfit, the same scar in her humanoid form is on her front left arm.

Her clothes in her humaniod form are her old red t-shirt and baby blue skirt. They are both faded and her old sneakers are worn out.


Commader Marsha is 1058 years old, making her 60 years older than current Marsha. On her 1000th birthday, Hunson Abadeer went missing and was found but as a cyborg. Marsha got too close and Hunson gave her the scar on her arm. Marsha ran away from him, once a man he could trust, and decided that he was her enemy.


Yeah, I have one of those faces... which is yours!

—Future Marsha to Current Marsha

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