Marceline Abadeer
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Marceline the Vampire Queen






Wasteland Future Hunson Abadeer (father)
Wasteland Future Rose Abadeer (mother)
Wasteland Future Marsha(sister)

Commander Marceline is the daughter of Hunson Abadeer and the sister of Marsha.

Biography Edit

As seen in ,,Graybles 1000+" she has redecorated her house and also upgraded her Axe-Bass. she was living a happy life alone, without her father and little sisiter.

When she found ou thta her father is now a cyborg, she became a Protector of Innocence and teamed, took the alias Commmander Marceline and teamed up with Flame Princess and Marshalia to find the queen of the Resistence.

It turned out that QB is the Queen. At first, she didn't want to team up with, but she decided that ,,what was in the past, is in the past" and tahts he is ,,a good girl".

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