Heroic Gaming

aka Henry Grant

  • I live in Cashel, Ireland
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Local residential Wiki contributor since 2013 and gardener
  • I am Male

Hello, Heroic Gaming here. I am originally Leonard McLean 14, but I lost my email, so I made a new one, to finish of my Skyrim Adventures series and Adventure Time Crossover: The Remake.

I am a Adventure Time fan who plays Team Fortress 2.


I won't be on this site as much, heck, I might not even be on it in a year but I am focussing on other subjects like on either my job or editing on the Overwatch Fanon Wiki. I will reconsider making a new series, but I can't be bothered because some random stuff pop into my head, or that I am too lazy to finish it.

I will come back here are there, making any fan creation that pops into my mind.

Henry Grant, signing off.

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