"Under The Sea"
Season 1, Episode 6
Production code: 001
Airdate: September 20, 2012
Director: Jico
Story: Lexther


Written &
storyboarded by:


"Trouble Tower"
"Sugar Rush"


Finn has overcomed his fear of the ocean, and decides to go scuba-diving and look for pearls for Flame Princess


The episode begins at Bacon Beach, where Finn and Jake are buying a soda from a Bacon Beach Worker. Finn said that he would like to try to test the ocean once again, Jake agrees and they go to the Beach House where they buy two scuba-diving suits from a Bacon Beach Clerk.

They go to the ocean, and goes into the water, Finn was afraid at first, but then, he became calm, as Jake told him to, and had now overcome his fear of the ocean. They go deeper, and see fishes, whales, octopuses, and turtles. When Finn said he had enough, a Mermaid Lady stole their "Going-Up String Bag", and went away.

They searched high, and low, but couldnt find the Mermaid Lady. At last, they found the Mermaid Castle, where they see the Mermaid Lady.

They came into the castle, and went to the throne room, where they found Mermaid King and the Mermaid Lady. Mermaid Lady apologized, but she said that she needed a bag for her new Junk-O-Matic Recycle Thingy's testing ingredient, and says that she is actually the Mermaid Princess.

Finn and Jake apologizes, and bows down to Mermaid King and Mermaid Princess. Mermaid King apologizes for her daughter causing trouble, and gives them pearls. The two said they have to go now, but Mermaid King insists that he needs new recruits for his Mermaid Army. Finn and Jake disagrees, but Mermaid King sent his Mermaid Army, which has only two recruits: Mermo, and Fin.

Since there are only two recruits, Finn and Jake defeated them easily. This angers the Mermaid King, and challenges both of them. He grabs his triton and tries to hit Finn and Jake, but easily misses.

Finn slaps Mermaid King, and Jake punches him, and grabs his triton, and smashes Mermaid King's head with his own weapon, causing him to fall to an abyss near by. Mermaid Princess comes along and thanks Finn and Jake for freeing her from her bossy dad. As an award, she gives them the pearls and a ride back to the narrow parts of the sea.

The scene changes at the Fire Kingdom, where Finn gives Flame Princess the pearls. She said she needed the pearls for fire juggling, and thanks Finn, followd by a kiss in the cheek, which causes Finn to blush, Flame Princesses said that he was just here to participate in the Fire Circus, which her talent is fire juggling.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Flame Princess
  • Snail


  • Mermaid King is based from King Triton, from Little Mermaid.
  • According to Charles, Mermaid King died.
  • Mermaid Lady IS Mermaid Princess, according to Charles.
  • Charles is the new member of the staff of BuritoMan.


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