"Trip To The Moon"
Season 4, Episode 1
Airdate: April 9, 2012
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Tom Herpich
Cole Sanchez
"Finn & Fionna"
"Shock & Awe"
Trip To The Moon is the second episode of the 4th season.


Finn & Fionna are drafted by Trudy to join her for a trip to the moon to fight aliens poised to invade what's left of Earth.


It's another day at the Tree Fort. Finn & Fionna are playing "The Legend of Zelda" on Beemo, while Jake plays viola & Cake is watching "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". All of a sudden, there is a knock on the door. Finn answers the door, but not before Jake makes his right-hand into a Sword-Hand, telling Finn that it could be the Ice King or The Lich, or even Donny! But it's just Trudy, a female who Finn met in "City of Freaks". Trudy says that she needs Finn & Fionna for a top-secret mission involving The Moon, which they gladly accept.

At Cape Canaveral (where LC-39B has been shoddily reconstructed), Trudy briefs the two on the mission. An alien race has set up base on the Moon & is poised to take the Earth (or what's left of it). A Saturn V waits on the pad for the launch.

The next day, Finn & Fionna, clad in Apollo-era space suits, follow Trudy to the Astrovan. Once strapped into the Command Module, which Finn & Fionna have christened the Righteous, the countdown begins. At T-Minus 0 seconds, the mighty Saturn V roars to life.

Once on their way to the Moon, Finn & Fionna have a TON of fun in zero-g. Once the Lunar Orbit Circulization Burn is complete, Finn & Fionna enter the Lunar Module, christened the Alien Buster, and start for the surface. After PDI, they spot the aliens, which look like giant trashcans with eyestalks, plungers & tubes.

Finn & Fiona jump out of the LM & tell the aliens to come out. But Trudy, speaking from the CSM, tells them that "In space, no one can here you". The aliens suddenly ambush them, shouting "EXTERMINATE!". Finn & Fionna fight hard, but are ultimately captured. The aliens, in grating, menacing electronic voices, say they will leave the lander.

At the alien base, the aliens introduce themselves as the Daleks & gloat about their status as the Master Race. Finn & Fionna, in a holding cell, are terrified & hold each other in terror. The Supreme Dalek asks them about the status of the human race. Finn & Fionna reveal to him that they are the last 2 known humans. All the other humans blasted themselves & the Earth to oblivion. The Supreme is confused & believes that their goal has failed, but still believes that they can accomplish it by exterminating them. Terrified, they tighten their grip on each other & say their final prayers. As a final word, they tell each other "I love you" & "Your the best thing that ever came into my life". Touched by these feelings, a trio of Daleks release them. Believing a cell door malfunction, the Supreme orders immediate extermination of Finn & Fionna.

Donning their lunar EVA spacesuits in a utility closet, Finn & Fionna dash for the LM. They make it just in time & escape in the ascent stage. Activating the Rendevouz program, Finn & Fionna get highly sentimental & start hugging each other & crying, believing they were going to lose each other for a moment. After the Righteous docks to the Alien Buster, Trudy finds the hugging & crying is still going on, which causes her to close the hatch door so they can share the moment without intrusion.

The CM lands near the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum greets Trudy, but gets concerned when Finn & Fionna don't exit after 7 hours. She enters & finds Finn & Fionna unable to release their embrace. Jake enters & says that something traumatizing must have happened on the Moon. When asked by PB, Trudy, Jake, Cake & Marceline what happened, all they can say is "Daleks..." in a low-tone, terrified voice. As the episode ends, Marceline says "Oh no, the Great Exterminators have arrived" ominously.


  • Finn: Jeremy Shada
  • Fionna: Madeleine Martin
  • Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Cake: Roz Ryan
  • Trudy: Jane Lynch
  • Princess Bubblegum: Isabella Acres
  • Marceline: Olivia Olson
  • Daleks: Nicholas Briggs
  • CAPCOM: Tom Kenny
  • Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford (Archived footage)


  • This episode is the first of several crossovers with the long-running British sci-fi series Doctor Who.
  • This episode proves how strong Finn and Fionna's bond is, as they comically refused to let go of each other.
  • Trudy, one of the freaks in "Freak City", re-appears in her first main role. She is confirmed to be an astronaut.
  • The Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39 & the Apollo spacecraft are prominently seen in the episode.
  • Music from "Apollo 13" is heard during the launch. Stock footage from said film is also used
  • The events of this episode were elaborated on again in the Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah episode "Deep Orbit Space".


  • Supreme Daleks: WHERE ARE THE HUMANS?!
  • Finn: They were wiped out over 1000 years ago!
  • Fionna: Please don't kill us! We're only 13!

  • CAPCOM: We have ignition!
  • (The Saturn V roars to life)