"The Virus"
Season 4, Episode 10
Production code:  ???
Airdate:  ???
Director: Heroic Gaming (since DKH was wondering what this episode was about, I decided I should do it)
"Finnator: Coolant Day"
"The Surge"

The Virus is the tenth episode of Season 4 of DKH's Episodes. If this is DarKingdomHearts is here, I'd like to say I'm sorry if this might disappoint you if you see this.

Synopsis Edit

Princess Bubblegum is kidnapped by the Tech King, so Finn, Jake and Hacky Lee must rescue her.

Plot Edit


Characters Edit

Main Characters

Minor Characters

Trivia Edit

  • This will be a three part episode.
  • This is the first time Hacky Lee is a main character.
  • This will have the most holograms.
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