The Ultimate Enemy is an hour-long episode of Adventure Time (a four-parter). 

"The Ultimate Enemy"
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This is my first "open episode" (episode useable in any person's continuity). It has free usage by anyone; remember, it must include a final battle with fanon character Hunter. Otherwise, your plot will, in fact, be deleted. The final battle can go anyway you like, but remember: Hunter must be in your episode, or your plot will be deleted. The Lone Voice in the Night (talk) 01:01, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

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The episode opens with Princess Bubblegum, accompanied by Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun, walking through the corridors of the Candy Castle, seemly angered. PB walks to the balcony of her castle where two Banana Guards are standing on the sides. Outside is the whole population of the Candy Kingdom. PB speaks and says that the Land of Ooo is in danger as someone has taken Grob Gob Glob Grod's sword and opened a way to the Farmworld dimension, where this dimension's greatest hero is there the most powerful villain. She says that everyone is to stay inside of the undergrounds, until further notice. The Banana Guards lead everyone into the undergrounds which is locked by PB.

She is shortly accompanied by Finn, Jake and Lady Rainicorn who all stayed behind. Finn told that he has experienced that form when he wanted to defeat The Lich, and it is not one to be liked. Basically he is the combination of Ice King and himself while Jake is one of The Lich and himself. PB then says they need Ice King for this, followed by Finn who says that someone who knows his past is needed too.

PB says she will get Ice King with Finn and Lady while Jake, Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun go and get Marceline. At the Ice Kingdom, Ice King was playing games with Abracadaniel and Gunter when PB and Finn entered. When he saw PB he thought she had finally decided to marry him but PB contradicted that Ice Finn is coming this way. Daniel asked who that is and Finn said it is his evil counterpart from another realm. Daniel said that Ice King helped him improve his magic, so he can help too. The five leave towards the Tree Fort.

Marceline was just chilling when Jake and the others entered her house. Jake explained the situation and Marceline nodded and said to follow them. She opened her closet which showed a poster of The Ancients. A group of 8 people who were known and feared in the past, long before the Great Mushroom War. Peppermint Butler continues by saying that there is one person who managed to combine these ancients DNA and fused it with himself, becoming the most terrified monster known. Marceline nods, and says he is the ruler of the 1st Dimension.

Everyone is gathered at the Tree Fort sitting in the living room, now also joined by BMO. Marceline tells that with the power of The Ancients they will be able to defeat Ice Finn with ease. PB however says that they already have Finn and Ice King. Those two combined are enough. Marceline contradicts by saying that Lich Jake remains a problem. PB again says that they will need to get even more powerful people from Ooo, but she will not call upon the Ancients. PB says that there are many powerful beings left like Jason, Leonard and hell, even Flame Princess.

Marceline shakes her head and says she is going to the 1st Dimension to get the Ancient. Abracadaniel says he likes that way better and joins Marceline, just like Peps who is needed to open the portal. PB orders Finn, Jake and Ice King to find out who stole Glob's sword while she along with Cinnamon Bun, Lady and BMO go to find a way to close the portal again.

Meanwhile Ice Princess heard what was going on and took Gunter to go and Flame Princess to defeat Ice Finn themselves as she knew that their powers combined can crush anyone. Finn, Jake and Ice King summon Jason to accompany them in their quest. Jason says that the only way to find it out is to head into the dimension itself and asks where it is. They arrive at The Shiny Isles where a portal is opened but no sword is to be seen. However the four do encounter Ice Princess, Flame Princess and Gunter. Finn says the girls to go back, but they insist on going along, fighting seems futile so he let's them join and they enter the alternate dimension.

In the meantime PB had called Leonard to help with her experiment along with Lady, BMO and Cinnamon Bun. After PB asked Leonard to get her a MegaElixer he asked what the final product would be. PB said it would make a box that could contain all the evil from this world. With this she not only could trap Ice Finn and Lich Jake but also all the other dangers in Ooo so it will be a peaceful land. Leonard thinks it is a good idea but Lady wants to talk with him. She says that PB quickly goes insane and she might go again with this project. Leonard says he will keep an eye out for her.

Meanwhile Peppermint Butler had opened a portal to the first dimension where he, Marceline and Abracadaniel entered. However when there they quickly are confronted by Hunter the ruler of the first dimension who knows what was going on, and that the one who caused this has even taken people as sacrifices, namely Tree Trunks, Earl of Lemongrab and Lumpy Space Princess.

Marceline says he needs to go with them to stop that person. Hunter says that they don't even know who they are facing. There are more people than just Ice Finn and Lich Jake. In that dimension he never got the power of the Ancients so they are still wandering around there. And he alone cannot defeat them. Marceline laughs because of the irony and says that they've rallied the troops on the surface and a few probably already have entered the dimension. Hunter then says they have to hurry up.

PB finished her box, so she and her team headed to the portal where they met up with Marceline and her team and entered. Once inside they also met up with Finn's group again who were fighting the Ancients, Ice Finn and Lich Jake. Everyone headed into battle except for PB. After everyone was defeated she opened the box and sucked everyone inside of it, but just like Lady predicted she had gone insane.

Lady took some characters leaving only Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline, Flame Princess and Princess, Jason, Leonard, Ice Princess, Hunter and Bubblegum behind. PB went insane so Leonard and Marceline tried to get her back to her senses. Metal Overlord appeared and Hunter decided to fight him. MO also spawned Ice Finn and Lich Jake back. Jake, Ice Princess and Ice King fought Ice Finn while Finn, Jason and FP fought Lich Jake. Eventually everyone conquered their enemies and everyone returned back to their normal lives.

06civic68pa:[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Marsha standing on a hill, a newspaper hits her leg and it flys away. Fighting with her complete craziness, Marsha struggles to find the reason why she is like this, alone and a little crazy to kill other people and constantly thinks back to one memory she seems to remember above everything else.

The scene switches to Marsha's point of view, being carried in the arms of her father, right before Marsha sees a woman, that sorta looks similar to Marsha in current time, killed by a man in an overcoat, prompting her father to cry out the woman's name, Rose.

As Marsha ponders about this memory, saying "Why am I like this? And why do I seem all alone? And... who was that man who killed my mother?," a huge explosion occurs in the Candy Kingdom. Screams of terror come from the kingdom as Marsha sees Dark Wolves attacking the citizens. Marsha gets into position to help them, caring about their fate if she didn't react until someone calls out her name. A humanoid with pale skin wearing black getup with chrome armor on his shoulders, chest, and shins, known as Hunter, appears and tells Marsha to stay away and stay out of his plans before disappearing.

Fueled with desire to save everyone and find the truth behind Hunter's words, Marsha speeds off into the city.

Once Marsha scares the Dark Wolves away, Hunter appears and blast her far from the Land of Ooo and right into another show, right into Sonic X.

Marsha lands in a tree but tumbles out of it. Marsha shakes her head and looks around. She tries to get up, but can't. She hears two people, or to be more specific; Two Hedgehogs, approching. She begins to freak out, trying badly to get on her feat, but as they come closer, she closes her eyes and waits for them to run right over her.

However, she hears a screech and looks up. Shadow and Sonic are just looking over her, in confusion. Sonic simply pick her up and setsher on her feet and standing there, in confusion.. Sonic finally asks Marsha what she was doing in their show. She explains that this guy she never met in her life blasted her there, just after she defeated her arch-nemisis' Dark Wolves, but now she had no way back.

Shadow simply asks her what's stopping her. She repiles "Right now, pshyics".Sonic takes her back to her old friend, Miles "Tails" Prower. When Sonic comes back, Shadow and him continue. 

Meanwhile, Finn and Jake are trying to fight some Dark Wolves that are attacking the Grasslands. Finn keeps wondering where Marsha is. It cuts to Tails and Marsha, where Tails is having a complicated time trying to make a machine that could get Marsha back home. Knuckles suddenly comes in, making Tails mad, since Tails was in the middle of something complicated. Suddenly the two begin arguing, causing Marsha to get right in the middle, pushing them apart.

Marsha goes back to the machine that was being built and completes it as the two argue. When she finally finishes and turns around, Knuckles has Tails in what looks like a collar grab. She then relases Tails from knuckles grab and asks him what was so complicated about making the machine.

Tails then asks why she was sent into their show for anyway. Marsha explains that this guy she never met blasted her here and because she doesn't know who he is, she dosen't know how to deal with him. Tails offers help, so does Knuckles. So, the three of them jump into the portal and land right in the Grasslands.

Hunter appears right before the three, they struggle to their feet and posie to attack. Marsha sees behind Hunter that her friends are all defeated and look terribly beaten up. Marsha growls at Hunter to immediatly tell her who he was. He explains that his name was Hunter and that he was a lab experiment and that he had a plan to make everyone in Ooo fear him and asked Dark Princess to weaken Marsha and her friends. He then tries to stop Marsha, Tails, and Knuckles by relasing a special gas that paralized them all. Marsha in her head hears her mother saying that she hopes that she [Marsha] would be something great and would one day end the madness. Marsha finds the strength breaks through the paralysis and break Tails and Knuckles out as well. Hunter flees, but Tails and Marsha follow behind.

Tails and Marsha catch up to him, where they are attacked with mind control. Hunter tells Marsha that she is no use to anyone in the world, in fact, he tells her that she isn't useful to anyone in the Tele-verse. Marsha refuses to believe this as Tails keeps telling her that she's useful to him. This gives Marsha the energy she needs to help her and Tails fight the mind control. Hunter escapes and Tails prompts Marsha to use the Chaos Emeralds on them both to become Super Marsha and Super Tails and fight Hunter. Hunter (now in his Halloween Titan form) fights Marsha and Tails and is defeated.

Once he is defeated, and as Tails and Marsha plumet to the ground, Tails tries to confess about his crush, but Marsha stops him and smiles, her eyes welling with tears; and Tails smiles back. Marsha speads her wings and flies them to safety. Everyone on Ooo cheers, including Knuckles.

As Knuckles and Tails go to leave, Marsha runs up to Tails and kisses him on the cheek. She giddy skips away and Tails vows never to wash his cheek again.As Tails is stunned, Knuckles pulls him by his tails back into Sonic X. Marsha waves goodbye as the portal closes. Episode ends.

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Hamsitti:[edit | edit source]

Episode 1:Finn's evil clone

In Princess Bubblegum's lab.Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint butler tried to build "new hero"for Ooo by she

get Finn's hair and engineering Marceline Immortality and Flying DNA,Science's genuis brain DNA,Billy's strength,

Jake's rubber body and her leadership.but cloning's mistaken.They're evilness DNA from somewhere.She tried to

kills clone but he grows very fast.He become from fetus to 20 years old in a minutes and he breaks his bottle.He

look like Finn but have pensive blue skin,orange hair and have white eyes.He said something to princess

"Thank you my mother for giveme a birth,i'll go to find way to rule the world with someone from lab like

me...Hunter!".His sound like thristy Finn but PB said "I build you to be a hero!".Finn's clone said "no,i borns to be

king!not hero" and then he flies  away from candy kingdom.She tells this story to Finn and Jake in they house.Finn

and Jake tried to follow his clone but his clone is fly though ocean already.Finn shocked out but Jake tried to make

him calm down and put him to his back and swims follow the clone.Finn's clone see they follow him so he use's

Jake sized up ability and Billy's strength. to transform him into giant circle and makes tsunami on them.Finn blows

away from Jake float to somewhere with his fear and sleepiness.

Eppisode 2:Island of Hoawar

Finn wakes up naked in some island.He found some of his few clothes only his hat and his pants.He wears them

and walks aong to somewhere but he see only desert on that island.He see a sword that sticks with rock.It looks

like Golden Roman-designed sword.He tried to pull down the sword but he too tired to do that.He fell so tried and

fainted but saved by the zombie-demon hybrid guy.His skin is grey,brown ponytail,red demon eyes

and he wears the Caravan clothes.He helps Finn by taking of his hat and pours water on him and lets him drink his

water.Finn  wake up and he see his body become skinny and look like a beggar.Zombie guy said his name is

Maheen.Maheen send Finn to his tribe.Tribe look like Caravan tribe that the people are undeads.Finn takes to the 

food room and chef lets him eats food as he like.Finn become full and have got "Mongolian"armor suit.He walkes 

to see tribe but the old oracle see he's the "chosen hero"that able to make the "Sword of Hoawar"unsealed.So

everyone ask Finn to drag up sword .Finn goes and tried to drag sword and sword free easily.Finn become covered

by golden aura and transform into "War god form".He's in golden Roman warrior armor.Finn see he's become

respects by everyone as "tribe leader" but suddenly His clone found him.He said his new name is "Freddy" and he

use Jake's rubber body to make his hand become axe.Finn see his sword is glowing a white aura but he not care.

Freddy runs to Finn and slash Finn but Finn shooted beam from his sword.Freddy's hand become burned and

extremly bleeding from beam but he fixs his hand by Marceline's immortality and Jake's Rubber body.Finn staps 

sword to Freddy's stomach and charge aura.Freddy tries to pull out the sword but he can't he screaming and says

like to give his soul to hunter and dies.Finn become at his "nornal"clothes and said tot the tribe he must goes back

to Ooo.So everyone builds him a boat but Maheen said he wants to go with him so Finn lets him goes with him.

Episode3: Maheen VS Hunter

 As a day that Finn back to Ooo with Maheen,Maheen and Finn walks to Candy kingdom.PB tells them about

labatory making.The story start that she thinks only Finn&Jake power isn't great enough to become true hero so

she got great DNA of great heroes those she well-knowed but she forgot about something.It's got mistaken DNA in

it.But she didn't notice and it make a great man but it's evil.She just found where's DNA coming.So she let

Finn,Jake,Marceline,Peppermint butler,Maheen and Leonard goes to where did DNA come from.It's an abandoned

labatory.They go inside the room and found some awesome things like pistols,Chinese painting and Labotory suit.

On the way.Peppermint butler can feel something.He walks inside the room with Leonard and Marceline.Pepperint

butler goes into the Resident evil's Racoon City and he have to fight enemies like

  • Human zombies
  • Dogs zombies
  • Lickers
  • Advanced lickers
  • Tyrants
  • Wesker

Marceline go into Street Fighter game and she have to fights

  • Ryu
  • Dhalsim
  • Vega
  • Blanka
  • Akuma
  • Dr.Bison
  • Seth

Leonard go to Megaman game and have to face

  • Cut man
  • Ice man
  • Fire man
  • Elec man
  • Megaman copy robot 
  • Yellow devil
  • Dr.Wily 2

   so they left Finn,Jake and Maheen to the last door that sound of devil coming from it "hello..........heroes" -continue later

Shroob12:[edit | edit source]

Then the Barbaric Bandit groups attack Finn and Jake to take their underpants revealing a Dark Secret about their paternal Grandad (He created Finn 1000 cousins). Then Galactic Federation troopers attack the Lich and Lord Grim knowing that they are doing this plan for Nightmare Enterpirses to recreate history so they can create a world where they rule out of all the worlds.

Then the Bandit group leaders (Metal Overlord and Boomroog) with their crew escape with Finn and FP and kidnap Finn's 1000 cousins and bring them to Dr. Hamstervile their boss and Hamstervile communicates with Customer Service that he finally got the main enemies of Nightmare Enterprises and send a threat message to Turo to surender or their beautiful Galaxy will suffer the wrath of Nightmare.

Then Hunter comes and Faces of with Metal Overlord and Boomroog so that Finn and FP escape the wrath of Nightmare Enterprises.

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