The New Adventures of Finn and Jake
Created By Erik H. D.
Katie H. D.
Director Erik H. D.
Starring Finn and Jake
Country of Origin United States of America
Language(s) English
Producer(s) Nils Rosaen (Great-Uncle of Creator)
Nilsie Rosaen (2nd cousin of Crator)
Location(s) Land of Ooo
Running Time 15 minutes approximately
Original channel Cartoon Network
Rating TV-PG
Original run 2013 - ____

The New Adventures with Finn and Jake is the next series after the original hit "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake" It was originaly going to be made by Pendleton Ward then creator of Regular Show, J.G Quintel, and then the Heyman-Duke family paid for one of their family members to be in charge: Erik H. D. and his mother Katie H. D.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Metal Overlord
  • Bony and Barry

Minor CharactersEdit


It will soon start in 2013.

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