The Kou Empire is a Millitaristic nation North East of Mobius that is ruled by an Emperor. The Current Emperor Kouen Ren is a sub-boss of the Robotroplis Empire Junta over the Kou Empire and it's regions. The Kou Empire like Nightmare's Bad guy junta supports the enslavement of war prisoners, their loved ones, closest friends and anyone who realizes that they are innocent.


The Kou Empire used to be called the Repubic years ago until the Phoenix King was overthrown by the Kou Dynasty which they created an Empire that lasted from 1892-1940, in which during the Subspace Wars a Fire Lord named Sozin at young age had to take the throne under orders of his dying father after the Empeor was killed at age 10 by an assassin in which the Kou Empire was renamed the Fire Nation.

The Kou Empire was known as the Fire Nation from 1940 all the way to 1982 when Fire Lord Azulon was overthrown by Hakutoku Ren (the son in Law of Fire Lord Azulon, whom Azulon is a distant cousin on his mother's side of the family) to bring back the Kou Empire and destroyed the other Fire Lords of the Fire Nations and united a giant Empire under his rule. Emperor Hakutoku had ditched his girlfriend and married his true love Gyokuen Ren who was the same age as him and they had 4 children; a son named Hakuyuu Ren who married a woman named Yana-Li,a son named Hakuen Ren who married a woman named Chi, a daughter named Hakuei and a son named Hakuryuu Ren. Hakutoku was assassinated by Nightmare Troopers in the year 2005 aod and Nightmare took control of the nation as he instaled a puppet state under his rule which allowed the monarchy to continue. Emperor Koutoku Ren (Hakutoku's younger brother) was elected by Nightmare's Generals who believed he had more sutable heirs as they killed off Hakuyuu, Hakuen and their wives and made Gyokuen Ren and had Gyokuen Ren marry Koutoku Ren to keep her children in the liniage to the throne, after Koutoku's son Kouen Ren.

Emperor Kouen had married a girl named Yala Rimo who was called Crown Princess Yala Ren, Yala had given Kouen two daughters before their marrige and one son a year after their marrige named Kouen Jr. in the year 2012 aod Kouen had banished his wife and daughters from the palace after they divorced him and attempted to take his son. Kouen Jr. stayed with his father and after Koutoku Ren's death and Gyokuen's self exile to escape the murderer. Kouen Ren became Emperor and Kouen Jr. became Crown Prince. Kouen exiled his brothers Koumei, Kouha, cousin/step-sister Hakuei Ren, sister Kougyoku Ren and five other sisters. Hakuryuu Ren with his lover and slave girl vessel Alyssia Lucifuge remained in the family with Kouen's distant cousins Ozai, Iroh, Azula, Zuko (with wife Mai) were added to the Imperial family.


The Kou Empire is a land that resembles China with Bamboo Forests and the same arctecture of china and the forbidden city is exactly like China's forbdden city. There are lots of tall mountains and chinese Temples. The land is located near the North East Islands


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The Dungeon Capturers

Six members of the Imperial Family are Smashers. They capture Dungeons and and use the power of King Vessels that give them their smasher powers as do their Subordinates. The King Vessels are only Sub-Smashers. Judar the Apocolaypse Dragonslayer is the only one considered a real smasher. He is one of the Inquisitors of Nightmare Enterprises and the Grandmaster of the Mage Legion.



Slavery is legal in the Kou Empire and other Robotroplis Empire regions like the Kou Empire, however unlike other regions of Robotroplis and Robotroplis itself. Slavery is 'humane' because slaves are only conisdered 'adopted family members' relatives of slaves will be conisdered a part of the owner's family. Slaves that are orphaned girls are conisdered accesories for young men. Orphaned slave boys are considered adopted sons of their owner's family unless the owner gives the boy slave a family of his own. Mistreatment is forced to be legal by the Robotroplis Empire so they can spread fear to the slaves. Even though the Kou Empire is a Robotroplis influenced Nation, Robotocization is prohibited in the nation itself.

Political MarriageEdit

Political marriage is a diplomatic union of two members of different royal or ruling families. The Second Emperor, Koutoku Ren, used his daughters to marry off rulers of different countries. One of it's traditions, wedding partners are not allowed to see each other before the wedding ceremony.

Although there are some execptions because, Emperor Kouen has 2 consorts one is his fiance and the other is his official mistress. The Emperor Kouen unlike many children of Koutoku has married a peasant woman of his choosing, but later divorced her revoking the imperial titles of his 2 daughters and making himself the official legal guardian of his son Crown Prince Kouen Jr. Hakuryuu Ren is dating his orphan assassin peasant girl slave & lover who is named Alyssia Lucifuge and former Princess Kougyoku Ren is dating Natsu of the Mushroom Squad. Although this is an exception to Political Marriage the wedding partners are not allowed to see each other before wedding ceremony is still a rule, but it is only for the day of the wedding ceremony. 

The Robotroplis EmpireEdit

Nightmare's Military Dictatorship ordered themselves to be an influence by law, since it took control of the politics of the Empire itself. The Kou Empire (like the People's Republic of Balbad) aids the other subdivisons if they choose to, unlike other Sub-Divisoins of the Robotroplis Empire.


The Kou Empire mostly consists of Nightmare Troopers (people loyal to President Nightmare) and SWATbots with other Badniks (like Militarized Egg Pawns and Death Egg Senetals). The Kou Empire has it's own troopers which appear as dudes wearing red Samurai helmets & Navy Seal uniforms that serve as the elite guard of the Empire. There are people dressed up in Samurai Uniforms that weild bladed guns and a group of Priest warriors and Rogue warriors that wear Red Trench coats with black tight pants and black cowboy boots with veils that are employed as the Emperor's elite guard to protect the Emperor as his elite vessels and confodants.  


Robotroplis DollazEdit

The paper money of Robotroplis and the Kou Empire and Robotroplis sub-regions. It is used like Dollar Bills in America. The paper money has pictures of President Nightmare doing poses.



(Kou Dynasty)Edit

Emperor Reign Status
Emperor Koukou Kouangtong 1892-1899 Deceased
Emperor Ozai Kou 1900-1930 Decased
Emperor Xuang Kou 1930-1940 Decased (assassinated)

Dynasty Abolished (Fire Nation regains power)

(Ren Dynasty)Edit

Emperor Reign Status
Emperor Hakutoku Ren 1982-2005 Deceased (Assassinated)
Emperor Koutoku Ren 2005-2016 Decased (Assassinated)
Emperor Kouen Ren 2016-present Alive

Imperial FamilyEdit

Name Rank Status
Emperor Kouen Ren Current Emperor Alive
General Raylen Ying Princess-Consort to the Current Emperor Alive
Crown Prince Kouen Jr. Current Crown Prince/Heir Presumputive Alive
General-Archduke Hakuryuu Ren 1st Prince Alive
General-Archduchess Alyssia Lucifuge Fiance of the 1st Prince Alive
Prime Minister Koten Lucifuge Father in law of the First Prince Alive
Grand General Han Ying Father of the Emperor's consort Alive
Prince-Duke Nyduko-Ying Cousin of The Emperor's Consort Alive
Fire Lord Ozai Ren Emperor's distant cousin Alive
Zuko Ren Ozai's son Alive
Mai Ren Zuko's wife Alive
Azula Ren Ozai's Daughter Alive
Iroh Ren Ozai's Brother Alive
Lu-Ten Ren Ozai's Nephew Alive
Kria Ren Ozai's Niece in Law Alive

Former members of the Imperial FamilyEdit

Name Rank Status
Emperor Hakutoku Ren 1st Emperor Deceased
Emperor Koutoku Ren 2nd Emperor Deceased
Gyokuen Ren 1st and 2nd Empress Alive, exiled
Koumei Ren 2nd Prince Alive, exiled
Kouha Ren 3rd Prince Alive, exiled
Hakuei Ren 4th Princess Alive, exiled
Kourin Ren 5th Princess Alive, exiled
Koura Ren 6th Princess Alive, exiled
Kouma Ren 7th Princess Alive, exiled
Kougyoku Ren 8th Princess Alive, exiled
Natsu Dragneel Consort to the 8th Princess Alive, exiled
Princess Yala Ren nee Yuino 1st former wife of the current Emperor Alive, exiled
Princess Mei Lee rejected Daughter of the current Emperor Alive, exiled
Princess Yun-La rejected Daughter of the Current Emperor Alive, Exiled

Other/Elite ArmyEdit

Name Rank Status
President Nightmare President Alive
Dr. Eggman Prime Minister Alive
Judar Dragon Slayer Alive
Infinite Vessel of Judar Alive
Spade Vessel of Judar Alive
Mephiles the Dark Vessel of Judar Alive
Eclipse the Darkling Vessel of Judar Alive
Metal Sonic Vessel of Judar Alive
Acnologia Judar's Foster Father/Patron God Alive


Name Rank Status
Shou En Emperor Kouen's Household Member Alive
Seishuu Ri Emperor Kouen's Household Member Alive
Kin Gaku Emperor Kouen's Household Member Alive
Kokuton Shuu Emperor Kouen's Household Member Alive
Colonel Qian Ye Emperor Kouen's Household Leader and Confidant Alive
Seiryuu Ri General of the Right Alive
Kokuhyou Shuu General of the Left Alive
Qian Ye Emperor Kouen's Household Member Alive
General Zaifeng Ye Emperor Kouen's Household member Alive
General Kuren Officer Alive
Director Koba Officer Alive
Commander Cane Officer Alive
Kokar Trooper Alive
Gary-Lu Trooper Alive
Mei-Ye Enslaved Trooper Alive


Name Rank Status
Xuatang Zhou Slave Alive
Sai Lin Slave Alive
Mei-Mei Slave Alive
Yoruka Kirihime  Slave Alive

Regular CitizensEdit

Name Rank Status
Sai Lin Enslaved Magician Alive
Residents of Chun-Nan Citizens Alive

Allies from RobotroplisEdit

Name Rank Status
Nethyths Sub-Boss of Sandoplis Region Alive
Yagyu Boss Sub-Boss of Dragon Kingdom Alive
Zoldeo General-Secretary of the People's Republic of Balbad Alive


Race Population
Men 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
Easterlings 800,000,000,000,000,000
Variags 700,000,000,000,000,000
Mobians 6,000,000,000,000,000
Toads 6,000,000,000,000,000
Koopas 6,000,000,000,000,000
Goombas 6,000,000,000,000,000

National AnthemEdit


Imperial anthem
Long live our Emperor of Gods,
National Anthem of the Kou Empire (Imperial Salute)

National Anthem of the Kou Empire (Imperial Salute)

And may his glory make immortal our land
For Great Kouen improved Kou,
A hundredfold from where it once used to stand.
Though once beset by the foemen's rage,
Now it has peace in his keeping sure.
We of Kou, rejoice in every age,
Oh, may God protect him both now and evermore.
Lord and Master may your reign

Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,
Until the pebbles
Grow into boulders
Lush with moss

Strong and Bold
Feirce and Dangerous
And May the Emperor be a victorious man.
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