The Khan Republic is a nation located in the Northern Continent That rules almost all of the Northern Continent. It is a nation ruled by the Caudillo Frederick Mussana who is an ally of President Nightmare. They, with the Robotroplis Empire are the 2 member nations of the Imperial Alliance of Darkness led by the Viripotens Kingdom.


They are a totalarian republic ruled by a Caudillo. The Caudillo has ultimate control of the Military and Police and steals money and taxes from the peasants. The Caudillo is Fredrick Mussana who treats the peasants like trash because he wants to be like his idol and senpai, the great brutal and violent dicator of the Centeral continent President Nightmare.


  • Rosa Guardsmen also known as the "Basic Federal Guardsmen" they serve as both the army and police within basically all the standard districts within the area to protect its any citizens from crimes within them as well as take down criminals. Their authority extends to all districts and depending on which of the nine laws they break they can charge a victim or just outright bring them down depending on the commander judgement within the district. The most basic guardsmen appears to have fully body armor carrying a standard assault rifle which fires magical beams when fired or a standard assault rifle depending on user choice. They also appear to carry a combat knife, a katana styled sword, a pair of Anti-Magic Handcuffs, a utility belt, a side-arm pistol and a short-range radio system built inside of the helmet.
  • Imperial Thunderstorm Guardsmen Divisions - Though they utilize harsh, even brutal training methods, combat practices and regimental organisation are not in themselves unique among one of the best units of the imperial soldiers within Regno Rosa. They are extremely elite troopers that are deployed in battle as a brutal response to warfare or keeping the peace when the guardsmen themselves are overwhelmed in combat. They form a strong and sizable elite force within the larger squads then normal guardsmen units and hazardous-environment survival along with endurance, physical and mental resilience training in order to keep them along the Caudillo's top soldiers. They when deployed are normally armed with magic crystal based rifles and guns to fire energy beams, however they also carry normal firearms. As for defense they carry standard armor with a unique change of coloring and the Bio-hazard-based mask for combat in any kinds of warfare. They also employ heavier gears of weapons including siege weapons such as high-power magical cannons and barriers for assaults.
  • The Shock Troopers Divisions - They are a heavy unit type that provides protection to groups of soldiers turning basic soldiers into Super soldiers over a matter of moments. They use a heavy metal plating covered in runes made by both Shouta Ryūzōji and Kagura Yamamoto's joint project together to mass-produce them for imperial usage only during combat. It noted, some unique groups within the empire carry uniquely power-armor suits styled differently in order to keep to the standard theme of the group. This suit was made to have normal people without magic able to fight toe-to-toe with magic wielders during combat.
  • The Imperial Commander and Control Divisions - Behind the soldiers line of defense are the military commanders and offices. They are seasoned veterans soldiers who earned there place among the best the soldiers and as such they act as figure heads and leaders of squads. Some are promised to lead even large company of troopers depending on there rank among the others. This Division is very important as the head of running the basic day to day maintenance of the imperial forces and attack plans. The Commander and Control Divison Guardsmen appear to be wearing WWII Spanish Trooper Uniforms and WWI Ottoman Empire Officer unforms.



  • Caudillo Fredrick Mussana - Supreme Leader
  • Prime Minister Mohammad Al Kurtis - Second in Command


  • Colonel Conan - Leader of the Army
  • Captain Crane - Captain of the Guards
  • Lieutenant Larry - Assistant Captain of the Guards
  • Lieutenant Lenny - Assistant Captain of the Guards

National AnthemEdit

National Anthem of the Khan Republic (Republika March)

National Anthem of the Khan Republic (Republika March)

Long live the Caudillo! Long live the Caudillo! Long live the Caudillo!
The trumpets joyously sound
Long live the Caudillo! Long live the Caudillo! Long live the Caudillo!
With this, the cries echo
The drums roll, the trumpets sound and sound again
Canticles of glory we fervently raise
Long Live Republika, Republika, Huzzah! Long Live the Caudillo!
Long Live Republika, Long Live the Caudillo! Long Live the Caudillo!
Long Live Republika, Long Live the Caudillo! Long Live the Caudillo!
All of the Khan Republika puts her faith in you, believes in you,
glory of our military, sign of freedom,
of freedom, of freedom, of freedom.
When the enemy comes seeking
our flourishing fields
where heroes fought
in the bygone ages
as long as our fervent patriotic love lasts
as long as our civilization reigns
The Republika's commonwealth will be free,
angelic speech will reign,
the hated barbarian
will never set foot here
as long as our fervent patriotic love lasts
as long as our civilization reigns
As a single phalanx
the sons of the Fatherland
will cover themselves with glory
shouting "Freedom!"
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