"The Final Battle"
Season Finale, Episode Final
The Finale
Director: Finn
Story: Ice King
Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Revenge of The Villains"
Finn And Bubblegum Manage To Escape Lord Grim's Grass For Now!

They Team Up With The Water Kingdom, The Earth Kingdom, Ice Kingdom And Fire Kingdom.

plots Edit

After two Fein escape and bubblegum in preparation for major battle evil superior, but at the end of collecting all the team and put the plan Vtqo's bubblegum to Finn and Jake Anhalehma go to eliminate the evil dragon while all other heroes and princesses fight the army and the monsters go all for the performance of its mission and when Vinn tries and Jake attack sudden Adharbm Tneben and spews fire from delusion and then meet with each team Tvol bubblegum that the attack on his heart Viagafz and prevent the attack supports Jake and PHP and bright attack, but bright fall Vtsaadha PHP remains Jake and Vinn but Jake hits remains Fein alone When it is almost Sicks maintained Grimm and Bagdhae starts on his hopes, but he remembers Jake and his parents and his friends mortal Viahjm on Grimm Lord shall judge him and from then all come back to life.

Major Characters



Princess Bubblegum

Water Prince

Earth King

Flame King

Flame Princess

Citzens Of The Kingdoms


Ice King

Dark Princess

Lord Grim

Minor Characters

Villains Of Ooo



Ice Queen

Ice Prince

Ice Princess

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