"The Black Rose Shall Bloom Once More"
Season 0, Episode 0
Airdate: 26/01/2015
Director: Gabriel Veríssimo Dias
Story: Gabriel Veríssimo Dias
Written &
storyboarded by:
Thiago Melo Oliveira
"The Chosen One"

"The Black Rose Shall Bloom Once More" is the first episode of the first season of The Rape Quest's episodes..

Synopsis Edit

In the exploration of a ancient cave, Rape finds The Black Rose, a beautiful and fatal rose, which begins destroying his life slowly.

Plot Edit

Rape starts exploring a cave, as a job for Princess Bubblegum. There, Rape and his coworkers start finding some rare items, like ancient and powerful swords, hidden traps, treasures like gold and diamonds and, in the end of the cave, The Black Rose.

It was the only object that nobody could understand. "What a flower would be doing in the end of an ancient cave?", Rape asked. He tooked the flower and put it on his backpack, in intent to later give the object to Princess Bubblegum. As he closed the backpack, something appeared behind the workers - a giant snail. The workers, feared, started throwing objects like pickaxes and knifes at the creature, but it didn't feel anything. The snail passed over the workers, killing the most of them. Rape and two friends were the only to think in run.

The snail destroyed the cave and killed all the workers. The only who survived were Rape and two workers - Andromedalan and Linimm. "Seems like all the exploration is over. Better we advise Princess Bubblegum." Andromedalan said. The three survivors run into the Royal Castle, but the door was locked. "Why does Princess locked the castle?" Rape asked, but he started planning something. He looked to the window in the top of the castle and saw Princess' shadow there. He opened his backpack, took a pickaxe and destroyed the door. "Where's Princess Bubblegum!?" Linimm shouted. Nobody was in the castle, and seems like Princess did not listen the workers. "Let's go to Princess' room!" Andromedalan shouted. They walked into the door. Locked too. So, they did the same - destroyed with their pickaxes.

"What is that!? Banan.." before Princess could finish her sentence, Linimm shouted "All the workers are dead because of you! You didn't say there was a giant and invencible snail!". "Wait, there isn't.", Princess said. "Let me see your backpacks.".

In Rape's backpack, Princess saw The Black Rose, and explained that this flower brings bad luck to the person who holds it.

Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

  • Rape
  • Linimm
  • Andromedalan
  • Princess Bubblegum

Minor Characters Edit

  • Giant Snail
  • Banana Guards (mentioned)
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