"Stay Connected"
Season 2, Episode 19
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Lady and the Kids"
"Garlic and Peanut Butter"

"Stay Connected" is the nintheenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


LSP accidentally sends an emberassing picture of herself to her friends with her cellphone. She now wants to steal the phones and delete the pictures.


Lumpy Space Princess wakes up and reaches for her cellphone but accidentally sends some emberassing pictures to every contact in her cellphone. She immediately is shocked and tries ti think of a way to fix this. She then hurries to the Tree Fort while puffing. She storms into the house and grabs the cellphones of Finn and Jake and looks through them and deletes the photo's she send. Finn and Jake ask what the hell she is doing and she tells her story. Finn and Jake then offer to help her, only to get the reaction that that was the reason she came here. BMO then lightens up and LSP looks shocked, she rushes to BMO and quickly deletes the photo before BMO woke up. BMO woke up and was angry at LSP so he walked away. The three then headed out of the door.

The three first went to the Candy Kingdom where they searched for Princess Bubblegum. When they found her PB said that Cinnamon Bun was playing a game on her phone. LSP rushed to Cinnamon Bun and tried to snatch the phone out of his hands, but he wouldn't allow it. LSP slapped Cinnamon Bun which made him drop it. She quickly deleted the picture and continued. Finn and Jake apologized to PB and followed her. Then a montage video follows where the three go by all the princesses (and Elf Prince) to delete the pictures. They eventually end by Turtle Princess and delete her pictures. TP then asks if she already went to Melissa and Brad. LSP now is shocked and says they have to hurry before Melissa spreads the pictures.

The three arrive in Lumpy Space where they encounter Melissa and Brad. Melissa laughs and says that she recieved the pictures and is about to send them to everyone unless LSP admits Melissa is much more prettier than her. LSP refuses so Melissa wants to send the pictures but Brad grabs her cellphone and deletes the photo's. LSP is overjoyed and thanks Brad who floats over to LSP. He says that he always has loved LSP, the two kiss while Melissa walks away in anger. Jake then says to LSP that there still is one person left to go to. The three arrive at the home of Leonard. He says that he already opened the pictures but deleted them afterwards because he felt sorry for her. LSP thanks him and leaves again with Brad to her home. Jake then says that he hasn't deleted the pictures. Leonard says he hasn't, so Finn exited asks to show them. Leonard shows them and the three laugh.


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  • This is the first time Lumpy Space Princess is called by her first name, Nova.
  • Snail appears on the keychain of Elf Prince's cellphone.
  • This marks Leonards first appearance, and he already seems to know Finn and Jake.
    • His first appearance was originally planned for "BMO BRO".
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