Sonia Shaded
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Bovamen (human hybrid)
  • Musician
  • Traveler
  • Debater
  • No possible memory
Introduction Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah
Voiced by
  • Tara Strong
Birthday Feburary 7

Sonia is a recurring triagonist in the Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah spin-off series.


Early yearsEdit

Sonia was born in an underground cavern outside the Candy Kingdom in Ooo. She doesnt have much of a clear memory of who her parents, she was mostly raised by the mutants around her. When Sonia turned 7-years-old she had discovered her hidden talent for musical instruments of all kinds. To further invenst in her talents, Sonia left the caverns and went to the Candy Kingdom. She also attended speech and debate class to broaden her speaking skills.

When Sonia was 13-years-old, she disenrald from the Candy Kingdom prepatory schools and decided to became a travelling musician. She had travelled many areas of Ooo, was not widely recognized for her skills. She later decided to travel to lands far away from Ooo to have a fresh start. Throught her travels, Sonia had visited many strange places in the world. Things suddenly changed when Sonia met a witch named Korena. She and Sonia were friends but only for a short time, as Korena tried to steal the thing she wanted most, Sonia's talent. This later built a wall between the two and made them enemies of each other. Sonia continued her travels and Korena disappeared from her life.

Active Years as an AdventureEdit

At age 16, Sonia was still on her worldwide tour until she landed on the Sonnahn Continent. She was going to arrange a gig for her next concert until she was ambushed by fire mites. Sonia was trapped until Lyle and Olivia rescued her. She was thankful of their heroism, but mostly had a crush on Lyle. She had later decided to join Lyle and Olivia on their adventures in Sonnah as an adventurer.

Appearance and EquipementEdit

Sonia is a 16-year-old bovamen girl. She is tall and skinny with orangish skin, red hair, and green eyes. Sonia wears a light purple blouse, tan cargo shorts, long socks with coloured trims, and black shoes. She is mostly seen with her travel pack. Her hair is moslty cut in professional styles unless she grows it out. Sonia's alternate attire sometimes includes denims, dress shirts, and shoes.

Sonia is equiped with a heavy, over-sized, backpack that she carries mostly her musical instruments in. On some occassions she carries concealed weapons that range from pistols to gattling guns for her protection against enemies or threats.



Sonia has natural physical strenghts and speed unlike Lyle and Olivia's super abilities. However Sonia has prove to have a strong back from hauling her heavy back pack around. One of her natural bovamen abilities is that she can climb and scale various surfaces with ease. Another is that she has the ability to see clearly in the dark (unlike most bovamen who only see shades of blue while she sees in shades of white).


Sonia's musical abilities is the most notable trait she has. She knows just about every musical term and theory. Her knowledge of music seems to be the most superior to everyone in the know Sonnahn Regions. Sonia is able to play any musical instrument she comes across in a mater of minutes. However her primary instrument is the piano. When she gets bored and has no instrument, she tends to vocalize and 'air play' the instrument she imagines. Olivia and mostly Lyle compliment her on her singing voice, but Sonia's modesty keeps her from saying otherwise.

Transformation (Season 3)Edit

There is a rumor that Sonia will be able to change forms in the third season, but Shoezana Gilbert has stated that, "this may be a one time only deal. Depending on consumer demmands..."


Sonia expresses a very kind and mild mannered personality. She never really speakes bad about anyone when she meets most people. During battles, she tries to supress her anger and stays on the positive side of any situations. Win or lose, Sonia always keeps her composure and looks for ways to improve herself for next time. When around her friends she tends to act a little candid and oftern times naive. This also can describe her personality around villains that she doesn't seem to have problems with. Korena is the only person that has shown Sonia's intense side. Her anger flares with firery passion towards her, Lyle is the only other person to witness this developing that she never really shows around others.

Lyle's Adventure JournalEdit

  • The most beautiful person I have ever met in Sonnah. She's the most caring person anyone will ever meet. Her advanced muscial talent and adventuristic skills make her different from many other people around...


  • These are the people that she knows and/or has had an interaction with. (*) Most likely mentioned..



Sonia's new founf ally and boyfriend that she cares for with a heavy passion. Both Sonia and Lyle were both timid to express their feelings for each other at first but soon kicked their relationship off with a simple date. Lyle enjoys Sonia's company at almost any given situation. With Sonia's amature adventuring skills, Lyle always finds a way to make time for Sonia. Even when things to be bumpy in their realtionship, they both tend to find ways to make things better.


One of the bestest friends Sonia has. Olivia and Sonia are best of friends that do almost everything together. When Lyle is usually off on one of his adventures, Sonia and Olivia hang out with each other like there's no tomorrow. Sonia shares many secrets with her that Lyle is un aware of and tend to have girl times, sleep overs, and even gossip moments. The potential friendship the built up in a short time may go strong for some time.

Echo PrincessEdit

As one of the Dark Kingdom's most trusted individuals, the Echo Princess has a special place for Sonia. The Echo Princess finds her as a sister, she and Sonia are in agreement that they will help each other no matter what comes.


A good friend that she finds adorable when he's being his goofy self. Sonia feels that his friendship with Lyle can be so 'boy-ish' at times, but she'll never truely understand Finn.


Sonia is on a good relation with Fionna, she is one of her most trusted friends and allies. Even though she doesn't hang out with her as often as the others, she still knows that Fionna will pull through for her as she would for her.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Sonia has find the new PB to be like a little sister she never had. She enjoys her company at any given time away from Lyle. It's been known that the two of them have traded deap secrets about their boyfriends to each other.



Based on what Finn says about Jake, Sonia is willing to meet him some day, but always seems to miss him at every chance.


Sonia has only met Cake once and has no possible idea of what she may be like. She has only meet her combative side and knows that she's an excellent friend for Fionna.

*Silent PrincessEdit

Even though she hasn't had much of an interaction with the Silent Princess, Sonia however has a fixed idea about her. Personally she wants to meet her and show her the error of her tyranous ways.


Only having several interactions with Mar, Sonia sees the good in him even when Lyle doesn't. Sonia acts kind toward him and tries to convince him that he needs to be a free spirit in this new world. When Lyle is on the seen, she stills shows acts of kindness towards him.

Dani (TBA)Edit



Not having much of an interaction with, Sonia's views on Dranixu are based on his wicked powers of control reanimated objects and his sadistic personalilty. She mostly thinks of him as a tool for Dr. U's evil plots. On some occasions Sonia believes that Dranixu is cruel for not being a good mentor for all of his creations.

Dr. UEdit

Sonia doesn't hold much of a grudge against Dr. U even after the events of the "Week War". She only hopes that he would resolve his own personal issues in a much more creative matter. Now she is a bit more interested in know him after reading the remains of the first almost tragic love story he titled "Utopia"...

Korena the WitchEdit

Sonia has the most vicious hatred for her than anyone else she's held a gudge against. Despite being good friends at some point however changed after an 'incident' that changed Sonia forever occured. This had set the tone for her hatred againt Korena. Up to this point she still remains an enemy with Sonia by pulling devious tricks to steal all that she has. Sonia's only wish for her is to be forever banished to the Nightosphere and be rid of her.


  • Sonia was originally called 'Orange Lover' during her developement.
  • Her design is heavily inspired from Fionna, plus Starfire from the Teen Titans series.
  • Originally Sonia was to be a stereotypical girly girl until her designer thought it would be too 'Disney-ish' for the show.
  • Even though Sonia's eyes appear as black dots, her eyes only turn green during special moments and emotions.
  • Producer Nik Schexnayder actual thought that Sonia's new design was to be the default look for a school girl in Sonnah, but later realized she was going to be the final design for the latter.
  • Sonia is considered the third tom-boy of the series next to Fionna and Olivia being the first.
  • Sonia's back pack was planned to be as big as a concert bass drum, but developers found that to be difficult to animate if she has multiple angle movements.

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