Silent Princess (Zytana)
Princess Zytana Shaded
Gender Female
Age 109 (appeares 19)
Species Vampire
  • Princess
  • Tutchua (deceased mother)
  • Vyrome (deceased father)
  • Unamed Sister
  • Maids (adoptive family)
Introduction Adventure Time Songs In: Sonnah
Voiced by (simutaneously) Hynden Walch & Olivia Olson
Birthday March 9

Zytana better know as the 'Silent Princess' is a recurring character of the spin off series: Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah.


Zytana was born in the Orange Valley where she was raised by a group of nomads. She was raised by her parents Tutchua and Vyrome, she also had a mysterious sister she never really knew at the time. Zytana was as ordinary as the rest and would have fun until she had come within her years of youth. This all changed one night when a swarm of vampires came and wiped out the tribe. She searched for her parents and witnessed her mother being murdered infront of her sister, who was at that moment takened away by someone...

After the event, she was left alone with no family, home, or food. Zytana was soon at the mercy of a vampire who found her wondering the valley. At first the vampire bit her to feed his hunger, but later became her master, who she served without question. Zytana remained silent to not upset anyone she later met under his control. When she turned 18-years-old, Zytana was sold to the Light Kindom as a maid to the king.

Zytana spent year after year doing work for the King of Light. It became a daily choir for her, though she was treated to a well by the fellow maids. As everyone gradually aged, she remained unaged, and silent. When the King of Light passed away, his successor Prince Wihee, took the throne. Prince Wihee had decided to take Zytana as his bride for what he believed was a love untouched by time. However he was assassinated by Dr. U, in hopes of gaining control of the Light Kingdom. With Zytana next in line for the throne, Dr. U's plans were ruined and was forced to retreat. Sad by her loss, Zytana was at a stand still for many days, until her sences had become clear. She vowed to rule the Light Kingdom with binevelence and a stern grip, to never fall by anyone who opposes her and the people.


Princess Zytana is a 109-year-old vampire girl who physically looks 19-years-old. She is fairly skinny, with pale blueish skin, with dark grey hair, red eyes, and a revealing fang. She wears a white dress decorated with a gold waist band. White gloves with gold bracelets, hair bands, and a golden tiara with a ruby at the center. Zytana also wears a gold neck hugger that hides her vampire hicky. As a symbolic reference of her engagement, she wears the Ruby Eye that her deceased fiance gave to her.


Due to Princess Zytana's years of silence, she soon became mute and is unable to speak again. She is able to communicate through telepathy. This only works with few people and to help communicate better, her tiara was modified as a telepathic amplifier. Her deapest thoughts can now be audible from her head to others in an instant. Zytana is also a sign languist.

Princess Zytana has been known to perform combatant abilities. One of her abilities is to handle a sword. She uses her sword as a form of self defense against enemies, foriegn or domestic. Despite not being visible at any given time, Zytana conjures it with the use of dark magic. As mentioned before, she is also able to use dark magic as a secondary form of defense. She uses magic for traps, ranged attacks, paralysis, and etc.

Princess Zytana inherts most of the vampire abilities suck sucking blood of her victims or shades of red. She doesn't suck blood as she finds the taste and smell repulsive. She also can move objects with psychokenesis, but her only draw back is that it's limited to light objects. Unfortunately, Zytana is unable to shift shape her form like Marceline can(e.i. change into a bat, warewolf, etc.).



Light KingdomEdit


Lyle's Adventure JournalEdit

  • A powerful and firm-hearted ruler of the Light Kingdom and its territories. As implied by her title, Zytana can't speak, but uses a special tiarra to help communicate between others. Apparently her and Anzyta have a bad blood which makes them more or less like night and day. I honestly don't agree with some of methods of dictation amongst her people, but she is still as pure hearted as her ideas take her...






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