"Shock & Awe"
Season 4, Episode 3
Airdate: April 16, 2012
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Cole Sanchez
Skyler Page
"Trip To The Moon"
"Light My Fire"
Shock & Awe is the 3rd episode of the 4th season.


Tensions between the Candy & Nut Kingdoms have been rising for over a year now. Already, Princess Bubblegum has issued an embargo, ending all trade with the Nut Kingdom. At the same time, a general election in the Nut Kingdom elected the Chancellor of Nuts to power, who promised that the Candy Kingdom will pay for their decision.

Meanwhile, after another accident involving the Duke of Nut's pudding deficiency, PB's patience snaps. She orders the Secretary of State to send a Letter of Marque to the Nut Kingdom. Letter of Marque=WAR! An immediate build-up of armed forces occurs almost overnight on both sides. Weapons research kicks into full gear, with over thousands of studies & proposals taking place.

Princess Bubblegum summons Finn to the castle to brief him on the coming war. She tells him that the Tree Fort is will become an outpost whose purpose will be 2-fold: to relay radio messages & as the last line of defense should the other outposts fall. Finn is then appointed general of the Candy Kingdom's armed forces.

Back at the Tree Fort, Candy Kingdom military officials arrive to install radio equipment, turrets on the observation deck & a weapons depot out back. Not only is there great confusion among the occupants (minus Finn), Fionna believes trouble is brewing. Finn explains the whole thing to Fionna, Jake & Cake. Fionna agrees to be commander, Cake will man the radio & Jake will oversee combat operations via a map.

After inspecting the weapons depot, Cake recieves a jumble of communications & sends the authorization codes for deployment & engagement. Meanwhile, Finn & Fionna read the Geneva Conventions, Rules of Engagement & The Art of War. After hours of poring over technical manuals relating the weapons, vehicles & other items, Finn & Fionna declare themselves fully-educated.

The Nut Kingdom makes it's first combat movement: deploying a platoon of infantry. The Prime Minister of Nuts introduces General Pistachio & Leutenant Cashew to the army. Pistachio believes that more land must be aquired to establish itself as a military power. So, a hostile armed takover of several villages takes place. Then, the Slime, Breakfast & Water Kingdoms fall to the Nut Kingdom.

The Slime, Breakfast & Water Princesses all escape harm & find refuse in the Candy Kingdom. The Candy Kingdom's forces demonstrate their military might by attacking & disbanding the City of Thieves. Ice King states the Ice Kingdom has officially declared neutrality after the massive damage Finn & Fionna caused in a previous episode.

Meanwhile, the Purple, Wildberry, Engagement Ring, Ghost & Muscle Kingdoms, plus Lumpy Space, the Hyooman Tribes & Marceline & her army declare their alliance with the Candy Kingdom, forming the Allies. Meanwhile, the Fire, Darkness & Evil Kingdoms, plus the North Korean Remnant & The Lich swear allegience to the Nut Kingdom, forming the Axis. With the lines drawn, the first battle is looming.

Early in the morning the next day, Cake, who has been drinking coffee all night to stay awake, suddenly recieves an official transmission from the Secretary of Defense: the Axis are on the move. They are heading to their location, now known as Outpost Alpha. Cake sounds the alarm, waking Finn, Fionna & Jake with a start. After spotting the incoming forces, Finn & Fionna make a quick change of clothes, grab their swords & rush out the door without their hats, which they come back for.

The Axis advance quickly, but Finn, Fionna & a detatchment of Candy Marines stand ready. "The first shot has been fired!", announces a marine. "THEN IT'S WAR!", shout Finn & Fionna in unison. A bloody battle ensues.

Shots are fired left & right, the sounds of Finn & Fionna's swords & screams of pain fill the air. Candy Kingdom tanks arrive & take out the enemy Humvees. Finn & Fionna continue to slaughter enemy troops, taking out up to 8 in one strike of the sword. Jake, meanwhile, mans a turret & destroys an enemy tank.

The battle escalates when bombers carrying Fuel Air Bombs & MOAB's are spotted over Allied airspace. In an instant, the Cube Village is eradicated. Cake reads a CONELRAD manual & finds the strategy of confusing enemy bombers. The 26 outposts keep switching their radios on & off. Sure enough, the bombers are led off-course & back to where they started: Chestnut Air Force Station (formerly Edwards Air Force Base).

Suddenly, Fionna is surrounded by 4 tanks. Finn shouts at her to run to him (or at least try). But the tanks fire on her. Once the smoke clears, Fionna is found to be alive, but shaken & with rips on her clothes (luckily, her hat is intact). Finn is traumatized by the sight of his twin nearly being killed. At the same time, though, he watches in disbelief is Fionna jumps into a tank & takes it over. Using it, she blasts the other 3 tanks & then the rest of the enemies.

General Pistachio orders a mandatory retreat of all forces within Allies borders. The Allies cheer & celebrate their first victory in a long war. Fionna is cleared from a hospital & after an emotional moment between her & Finn, they present their report to the newly-formed War Council. Princess Bubblegum gives Finn & Fionna high marks & both recieve medals. Finn also gets a star, making him a 2-star general.

That night, the bodies of slain Axis infantry are burned, while those of fallen Allied infantry are given proper burials. The Prime Minister of Nuts makes a speech, where he promises that the Allies will pay for their treachery! Finn & Fionna attend a celebratory dinner, then head home for a much-needed rest. Halfway home, Finn collapses of exhaustion & Fionna carries him in her arms the rest of the way home. After putting him to bed, Fionna inspects the tank she stole & sends it for repairs. She also requests that the tank come under her & Finn's ownership. The episode ends with The Lich saying that everything is going according to plan...


  • Finn: Jeremy Shada
  • Fionna: Madeleine Martin
  • Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Cake: Roz Ryan
  • Princess Bubblegum: Isabella Acres
  • General Pistachio: R. Lee Ermey
  • Lt. Cashew: C.H. Greenblatt
  • Ice King: Tom Kenny
  • Prime Minister of Nuts: Jonathan Winters
  • Duke of Nuts: Steve Little
  • The Lich: Ian McDiarmid
  • Various other voices: Frank Welker, Pendleton Ward, Greg Cipes, Mark Hamill, Frank Oz, Tome Kane & Charles Martinet


  • In the first draft, Fionna was supposed to have all of her clothing blasted off. However, it was determined that this could be inappropriate, so the scene was changed so that her shirt was only torn slightly.
  • This episode raised the bar for the rest of the series
  • This episode was voted the third best episode of Season 4 on Cartoon Network's website.


  • The Prime Minister of Nuts is called the Chancellor of Nuts early on.