Episode Summary

This is the 6th episode my fan series. Finn and Jake wake up to the land of Ooo in terror, so they go back in time to save the world.


Finn and Jake were sleeping when the bed catches on fire. "AAH! Is Flame Princess here already?" Finn asked in fear. Jake ran downstairs and yelled, "Finn! Get outside now!" They both ran outside to see Marceline a zombie. "Fleeeeeesh." Finn and Jake ran, but stopped when they saw LSP being burned by Flame Princess, and she was also burning F&J's house. "Here's what you get! Here's what you ALL get!" Finn and Jake were shocked. "What is she doing? And look, Beemo is evil!" Beemo was using electrocuting NEPTR while he threw pies. "Taste my ZAP PIES!" Finn and Jake ran to the Candy Kingdom, where they found Princess Bubblegum locked in the lab. They broke through the window. "Finn, Jake! The Land of Ooo is in chaos, so you must go back in time with my Time Activation Pod and stop what has been cau-" Suddenly Peppermint Butler broke the door open, about to attack Princess Bubblegum with two forks. "GO! Go NOW!" She yelled as they jumped into the pod.

'2 Hours Before The Flame Princess's Crazy.

Finn and Jake landed first where LSP and Flame Princess were, also with Flambo. "Okay, this must be where Flame Princess gets mad at LSP." finn said. Flambo said, "You should try this coal, it makes me strong." Flame Princess took one bite of one, and started eating alot. "Stop, Flame Princess! It will make you too strong!" She saw Finn and dropped the coal into the river. "Finn, you saved me from my coal addiction. It was hurting my head, and making me think of hurting my friends!" Finn smiled and said, "At least you stopped while you had the chance, now I need to go to help more people!" He hopped in the pod and travelled with Jake.

Half an Hour Before The Robot Battle

Finn and Jake landed in the treehouse, where Beemo and NEPTR were sitting on the couch. "Finn, this is where Beemo gets evil." He exclaims. "Beemo, would you like a pie?" NEPTR asked. "Okay, how about cherry?" NEPTR fired the pie, going at a speed to fast. Jake caught it right when it was going to hit Beemo and put it on Beemo's lap. "Hey, Jake!" NEPTR said. "Thanks, I nearly hit him in the face!" Jake high fived him (if you can call it one) and Finn said, "Bye Beemo and NEPTR!" and they hopped back in the pod to the other time.

10 minutes before Zompie Marcie

They were sent to the the Candy Lab, where Marceline had just came in. "Alot of this stuff could make zombies!" Finn said. Marceline was hungry, and didn't have any red fruit on her. "Ooh, zombie drink!" She reached for it when Finn said, "STOP!" He made the drink break (the bottle broke), so Marceline left. They both smiled, and then rushed to return to the present.


Finn and Jake landed right in the present. "Finn and Jake, you saved the time line of good and evl!!" She exclaimed. Everyone was there, exept for two friends. "Where's Fionna and Cake?" Finn ased, missing his sister. Jake looked like someone died, and it sure felt like it. "Fionna and Cake.. moved back to the Land of Aaa. Sorry, but Fionna had to see Flame Prince." Finn then got a sad look on his face, but then perked up. "Well, maybe there is a bright side to this! Flame Princess thought I liked her more then her, and Lady Rainicorn was kinda getting jealous of Cake." Jake looked at Lady Rainicorn and smiled. "Lady, I'll be with you forever." F inn, FP, Jake and Lady all happily walked out of the Candy Kingdom when Finn stopped. "What about Peppermint Butler?" He inquired, just as the sme person ran in with two spoons. "Princess! I want you... to try my new chilli!" He took out a bowl of chilli he had, and stirred it up. They all laughed as Princess Bubblegum drank the bowl.


  • Flame Princess makes her first appearance.</li>
  • The pod they use to get through time is like the Ugopatamian escape pod in Wishology Part 3.</li>
  • Fionna and Cake won't be seen until Episode 8: The Land of Aaa.</li>
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