"Resignation of Finn"
Season 6, Episode 21
Finn protect to Flame Princess
Airdate: August 1, 2013
"Only Wizards Allowed"
"Flame Princess Vs. Princess Bubblegum"

Resignation of Finn is the upcoming episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time.


Bubblegum's Jealousy causes issues for her relationships with Finn and Flame Princess, inadvertantly causing Finn's resignation as Bubblegum's hero.


Finn and Flame Princess were wondering on where to go on a date when Flame King and Flint arrive with 1,000 flame guards as they protect Finn and Flame Princess and run off with them to the Fire Kingdom as Flint gives Finn a Flame Proof Potion. Finn demands what is going on, Flame King reveals that Princess Bubblegum is attacking Finn's house and is madly searching for him. Meanwhile Princess Bubblegum arrives at Finn's house as Jake was making Baccon Pancakes as he noticed Princess Bubblegum arrive. Princess Bubblegum harshly demands where Finn is. Jake says to Bubblegum that she didn't love Finn back after all those times Finn saved her. Jake then yells at Bubblegum and throws a box of Pancake mix at Bubblegum. Then Flame Princess's younger brothers save Jake as BMO calls Marceline, Hudson Abadeer and Ice King to stop this. The 3 arrive with an army of wizards, demons and the other Princesses and their kingdoms to attack Candy Kingdom with the aid of the Bannana Guards and Candy Citizens who realize how corrupt Bubblegum had become because of a simple relationship. Bubblegum screamed for help as the Ranicorns ran off mad at her, Finn resigned as Bubblegum's hero. Then Fire Hot arrived to aid Princess Bubble to kill Finn, Fire Hot had killed Finn and brought his dead body to his boss "Overlord" who is actually Hunter Wizard in his titan form. All the People were captured by Bubblegum as she put them all in a giant candle cage that drains their energy to make power for the Gumball Guardians. Flamb then calls for help from Me-Mow to stop this vile terror. Then Me-Mow runs into Fire Hot who is actually Lord Grim. 


Major charactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Flame Princess
  • Lord Grim/Fire Hot
  • Me-Mow
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Flambo


Finn x Princess Bubblegum Jar of Hearts ( Adventure Time )

Finn x Princess Bubblegum Jar of Hearts ( Adventure Time )

Resignation of Finn and Jake

Bubblegum's Jealousy-0

Bubblegum's Jealousy-0



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