Season 3, Episode 29
Production code: 280
Airdate: March 15, 2012
Director: Jico Vinco
Story: Brian Mesada
Written &
storyboarded by:
Charles Sumalde
"Fire and Human"
"Pro Pranker"


A few years after the incident,FP who is now an adult woked up from her coma.Finn must make sure that she dosen't hurt anyone.


In Part 2, a few years after the incident,FP woked up from her coma who is now an adult,confused,she asks where she was,the doctor's say that she is in the candy hospital.FP says "what is my name" the doctor's were shocked,they phoned PB and says that she has awakened and might have amnesia,PB phoned Finn who is now an adult and says that FP has awakened and she might have amnesia.Finn tells her a secret he has kept for years,a flashback shows the previous episode where they batteled The Lich and his army,after defeating The Lich's army The Lich mortally wounded FP,they tried to save her but the Lich defeated them,The lich raised his sword for the final blow but instead knocked Finn out.Then Finn tells her everything about the potion and the promise he maked.A shocked PB tells Finn to come at the hospital with Jake immediately,at the hospital, FP started to get a painful headache, she screamed and almost set her bed on fire,the doctor's tried to restrain her with a sleeping syringe,but she set the doctors on fire and escaped by jumping out the window and started running to the forest.When Finn and Jake arrived at the hospital they finded out that FP escaped to the forest,Finn and Jake searched for her,along the way Jake asks Finn "what is he going to say when he see's FP"?.Finn says "i don't know".They see FP lying on the ground,They check if she was alive.Finn carried her and ran towards the hospital.When they entered the hospital, FP started screaming and burned Finn's hands,she started struggling and Finn quickly put her on the hospital bed and the doctors inject her with a sleeping syringe.She started to calm down and opened her eyes before she sleep and see's Finn and her headache was gone.The doctor's tell's Finn that they never seen their patients like this,but they reasured Finn by saying she'll be okay tomorrow.Finn volunterred to look after her tonight,Jake say's "are you sure"? and Finn says "yes".Jake went home to the treehouse while Finn stays with FP,during the night FP woked up and see's Finn sleeping on the chair,she started to walk but her head started to hurt and she see's images and flashbacks of her memory before the incident.She started to see Finn,Jake,PB,Lady Rainicorn,Marceline,Flame King and BMO.Finn opened his eyes and see's FP crying,Finn asks if :she was okay" and she responds by saying "I'm fine Finn".Shocked,Finn say's "Did you remember anything" and she say's "I know your name,your friends and my father,but i don't know my name and i don't remember you".Finn responds by saying your "name is Flame Princess and i am your friend".FP headache started to hurt and she say's to Finn that she needs fresh air.Finn asks if she can walk and she say's "yes".They went up to the balcony,and FP's headache started to hurt again and she felt drowsy,Finn hug her to make the pain go away,they pull apart and FP looked at Finn's eyes and started to see images and flashbacks of Finn the moment she met him at the treehouse,Finn making her house,hugging her,the first time they kiss,hanging out with Finn and Jake,saving PB from the Lich,Finn kissing her and drinking the potion.It started to rain but FP and Finn dosen't noticed.FP say's "I remember everything".They looked into each others eyes,they started leaning toward each other and they kiss under the rain.The scene change to the treehouse where Jake tried to phone Finn but dosen't pick up but Jake not alarmed say's "He must be asleep" and the episode ends.  


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • PB
  • FP
  • The Lich
  • Marceline
  • BMO
  • Flame King
  • Lady Rainicorn
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