Regular Time is a crossover between Regular Show and Adventure Time. It will also have cameos of lots of other Cartoon Network shows. This is similar to The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door.


Princess Bubblegum leaves a new invention of hers in Finn and Jake's home. She says that it's a portal that could take people anywhere in time and space and she wants to keep it protected where people would least expect it to be. She tells them not to use it and leaves. Ice King breaks in and tries to kill them. Finn and Jake bust out their swords and get into a 3 person battle with him. Then they accidentally turn the portal on and out comes Garret Bobby Ferguson from the Regular Show dimension.

Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby are doing work in the yard digging holes so that some trees can get planted there. Muscle Man and Hi-5 Ghost are also there making fun of them. Mordecai is digging and something hard and metal is there buried undeground. He gets Rigby's help to lift it out and it turns out to be that same thing that Princess Bubblegum gave to Mordecai and Rigby they turn it on and a portal opens up and out comes the Lich from the Adventure Time dimension.


Adventure TimeEdit



Ice King

Princess Bubblegum

The Lich

Regular ShowEdit




Muscle Man

Garret Bobby Ferguson

Other ShowsEdit

Blossom (Powepuff Girls)

Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)

Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)

Brick (Powerpuff Girls)

Boomer (Powerpuff Girls)

Butch (Powerpuff Girls)

Dexter (Dexter's Lab)

Dee-Dee (Dexter's Lab)

Robin (Teen Titans Go)

Starfire (Teen Titans Go)

Cyborg (Teen Titans Go)

Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go)

Raven (Teen Titans Go)

Corey (Grojband)

Kin (Grojband)

Kon (Grojband)

Laney (Grojband)

Trina (Grojband)

Mina (Grojband)

Nick (Grojband)