The Reg det'at is a group from the Regular Show universe that plans to destroy the Land of Ooo's life to take over the Adventure time universe.Its leaders are Mordecai, Benson, and Rigby. To find out more click hereAdventure time V.S regular show saga


There goal is to destroy all of the Land of Ooo's life and replace it with there own version of Ooo and take control of the Adventure time universe because they want to end adventure time forever.

Death of membersEdit

  • Skips

Skips was killed on an airstrike that the A.U.M did on the Reg Dė'tats sea force. Skips was in the control room of an aircraft carrier. A bomb made a large hole in the control room roof and more bombs went through the hole and land on skips, disintegrating him. His last words were "Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!" right before the explosives hit him. He wasn't ressurected due to his entire body being turned into dust and being dumped into the ocean being with the Sand

  • Pops

Pops was killed by high altitude. On a mission, pops was in an SR-71 blackbird with two other ones with them. Their mission was to destroy the A.U.M base but fail when Finn destroyed the jets. Popses' last words were "Bad show" when his aircraft was shot down while at a 12000ft altitude killing him instantly. He wasn't resurrected since he fell into a deep lake that smashed his body with force and ease.

  • Peeps

On there second mission, peeps was on a radar craft towards the A.U.M base to gain their secrets. But Finn launched a missile directly at his face. He wasn't ressurected form his body being hit with a missile and burning with the plane

  • Coffee bean

Coffee Ben died on the same plan with peeps and you already know his fate and why he wasn't ressurected


  • Mordecai(leader/ airborne fortress pilot)
  • Rigby(Second leader/airborne fortress captain)
  • Benson(third leader/ first leader of their air force/airborne fortress pilot)
  • Peeps(Spy and informant)-deceased
  • Pops(genera/secong leader of the air forcel-deceased
  • Skips(sea force leader)-deceased
  • High five ghost(Air force member)
  • Muscle Man(Underground enforcer)
  • Margaret(Chef)-upcoming
  • Coffee Bean(Seconed chef)-upcoming

Main members deceasedEdit

  • 1.Peeps-deceased
  • 2.Pops-deceased
  • 3.Skips-deceased
  • 4.Coffee bean-deceased