"Pro Pranker"
Season 4, Episode 30
Production code: 362
Airdate: March 22, 2013
Director: Jico Vinco
Story: Brian Mesada, Ronuel Salvio
Written &
storyboarded by:
Joey Zuloaga
"Crystal Crash"
"A Day of Baldness"


An unknown pranker keeps on pranking Finn,Marceline, and Jake, causing them to belive they have bad luck.


It starts with Marceline, Finn, and Jake in the tree fort, making Finn-cakes. Marceline is making scary faces, scaring Jake. Then, the power goes out! After 4 seconds, it comes back on. They go back to the Finn-cakes, which are now finished. They go to the table to eat them, but get a surprise: the cupcakes are filled woth marmite! They gag and spit it out, and Finn and Jake instantly blame Marcy. Marceline says, "Why would I eat it if I put gross stuff in it?" Finn and Jake realize that that's true, and throw away the Finn-cakes.

It goes to a montage of Finn, Jake, and Marcy getting pranked.

It goes to the next day at the Candy Kingdom, where Princess Bubblegum is wearing a tribal outfit. Finn ask her why she's wearing it, and she says, "It's my deceased fathers birthday, and he loved tribal stuff." Finn apologieses about bringing it up, not wanting her to get upset over her father. Suddenly, ice cream is thrown at Finn, Marcy, and Jake. They all exclaim, "OH GLOB!" PB says that they should visit Turtle Princess.

It goes to The Library, where TP is flipping through the pages of a book. Her eyes brighten, and she lets out a happy grunt. She says, "It says here, if you do certain things, The Luck God might put a curse on you, because you have been acting bad. The Luck God's cavern is located behind Danger Danger Woods, the most dangerous woods in the Land of Ooo." Finn, Jake, and Marceline agree they must find The Luck God, so they can rid themselves of bad luck.

It goes to a montage with "Danger Danger Woods" playing in the backround. The trio is shown fighting asortments of monsters (ex: Hug wolves, slug beast, ect.) and end up at the entrance of The Luck God's cavern. The trio walks in, and meet The Luck God, who is really a Luck GODDESS. When they explain their problem, she replies "I have not put curse on you. You are good people." She teleports them out to the Tree Fort, where they stand there dissapointed.

Suddenly, pies are thrown from around the corner. Marceline goes there, reaveling Neptr and BMO laughing together. The episode ends there.


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Marceline
  • Snail
  • Minor:
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Turtle Princess
  • Luck Goddess
  • Neptr
  • BMO


  • The Snail is seen in Neptr's microwave
  • In some of the montages, Marceline is in different outfits, indicating that these were different days


  • Jake's pupils in some of the montage scenes were black.
  • One of BMO's legs were missing (or she was in a certain position).
  • In one of the montages, it's day, but Marceline doesn't have her sun-hat or gloves on.


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