Olivia Leon
Olivia Leon WN
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Human (Imortal)
  • Heroine
  • Adventurer
  • Musician
  • Traveler
  • Ann Leon (mother)
  • Tyler Leon (father/ deceased)
  • Lyle (adoptive brother)
Introduction Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah
Voiced by
  • Daniella Monet
Birthday September 24

Olivia Leon or Olivia for short is a protagonist in the spin-off series Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah.


Early LifeEdit

Olivia was born in a cave in an uncharteted tundra. She was raised by her widowed mother Ann Leon. When Olivia was 5-years-old, she was given an education suitable for mid-schoolers, and was forced to play the violin. By the time she was 9, she was proficient in many subjects, mastered the violin, but had a miserable life. Olivia, tired of the daily routine had got into a fight with her mother. The fight was intense enough to cause the cave system to collaps, separating Olivia from Ann. Olivia, unfortunatley "died" when the area she was in collapsed into the cold ocean.

When Olivia woke up from her slumber, she had found herself in another dimesion. She was in the Nerther Dimension, where she was raised for a year, but felt like a decade. The residence of the area had given her a second chance at her life and granted her cursed powers of their people. Olivia had trained to better understand her new powers, however they were more trouble than she thought. When she returned to reality, she was attacked by a woman who wanted her powers. Luckily Olivia was able escape her and had decided to carfully use her powers as she travelled the world.

Active Years as an AdventurerEdit

Nearly a month prior to her 11th birthday, Olivia was traveling across the Sonnahn Gateway Isles her leisure. She then noticed a boy named Lyle was being tormented by Korena the Witch and engaged her in a duel over Lyle's freedom. Olivia won and thus Lyle was free. In return Lyle offered to tag along in order to repay his debt to her. Olivia wasn't on board with idea at first, but later grew fond of their partnership with many adventures they went on. This later made them adoptive siblings.

At Lyle's request, they both travelled the world together in search of much more broad adventures. Their adventures in the Sonnah Continent will proove to be their greatest one yet.

Appearance and EquipementEdit

Olivia is a 16-year-old human girl. She is skinny, with grey skin, and short, dark blue hair. Her eyes are black in the daytime, but at night they turn yellow with red pupils. Olivia mostly where's a red on black stripped over shirt, navy blue dicky jeans, and black converses. There have been some occasions where she may wear a white tank top and light blue, holy jeans and or a tan sun hat.

Olivia carries a what Dranixu calls "the stolen sythe" that she modiffied to be a 3-stringed guitar. The origins of the sythe is still unknown, but it can be speculated that she stole it from Dranixu or someone he may know. She also carries a small sword since she has more control of in close range combat.



Olivia has regular human abilities as far as her physical strength and speed. She isn't as strpng as Lyle, but is faster and has more stamina. Her combative skills are farely impressive as far as her swordsmenship. Olivia, however doesn't nessessarly fight as much as Lyle does since she mostly uses her psychotic abilities. She has also been known to levitate or fly at will.


On various occasions Olivia will use her psychokinesis on her surroundings. Ironically she uses it mostly to weild her heavy sythe that only she and Lyle are able to handle. She even uses her sythe to open portals and summon creatures from other deminsions.


Olivia has been known to be able to play violin, however she is also plays most of the string instruments in existance. Her current instrument is a three stringed Stictar that was created from one of her many sythes. It is shown in many episodes that she has the ability to determine how far something is based on the sound it makes and the speed of sound factor.



Lyle's Adventure JournalEdit





  • Olivia was originaly named Idalis.
  • Despite being imortal, Olivia is still considered undead. This may also explain why she doesn't get into relationships anymore due to her curse and possible taboo.
  • Olivia's skin and hair color where inspired by Japanese portraits of the living undead.
  • Even though she was dicapitated awhile back, she has no signs of stiches or cut marks around her neck.
  • Olivia has an arsonal of sythes, but her default sythe is known as the Grim's Knife.
  • Just like Marceline, she too plays left handed.
  • Olivia is considered the first tom-boy of the series.


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