Nico the Human is the main protaganist of Adventure Time with Nico and Snicker and the last known human to survive the Mushroom War besides possibly Fiona who may or may not exist in this universe. He habitually carries around a pink bookbag left to him by his biological mother when he was just a baby. His parents supposedly died during the second nuclear outbreak on Ooo and as the last known human due to Finn's death he was harbored by Marceline and later raised by Princess Bubblegum  and Marcy. Nico also weilds the sword known as Hero's Will which is a Demon Blood Sword that must be stained with the blessing of a hero.


Nico is a human who has long, black hair when his hat is off. He usually plays around in a black tank top with cargo shorts and no shoes. Nico sometimes wears an adventurer hat, similar to Finn's but doesn't frequent to avoid comparisons. Nico has a very close relationship with his adoptive mothers Marceline and Bubblegum.


  • Marceline - Mother figure
  • Princess Bubblegum - Mother figure
  • Snicker- Best friend and brother
  • Cream Princess  - Love interest
  • Yasmine  - Close friend and occasional love interest
  • Noah  - Romantic rival and occasional friend
  • Haley - Close friend.


  • Sugar Rush- After consuming alot of sugar, Nico's eyes will bulge and he will move involuntarily until the enemy becomes confused or he beats em' all up.
  • Hero's Will- The sword Nico weilds capable of slicing through a variety of objects. Useful in numerous ways.