Name Nacies
Gender Male
Species Zombie Transhuman
Occupation Soldiers
Introduced In Sewer War

The Nacies are first seen in Sewer War where they invade Beautopia under the command of Herr Führer. They attack the Hyoomen Tribe which causes a war between the two species.


All Nacies were the same uniform. They wear a black uniform with buttons and a belt. On their belt and chest a falcon symbol can be seen. They were bags on their hips and wear a band around their arm with an N on it. They wears long boots and gloves and a black helmet. They also all wear a gas mask to reveal their ugly zombie transhuman face.


The Nacies are each equipped with various weapons. Some just have pistols while others have shotguns. They also carry a grenade with them.


  • The Nancies are understood by Finn as Nancies but he probably misinprented it as the Nancies are robotic mutant Nazi's.
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