My Dilemma is a season one episode of Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine


Finn and Jasmine talk about their 6 monthiversary, when a mysterious person burst in and sprinkles a red dust on Finn and Jasmine, and they start fighting, when Jake sees this, he tries to break it up, and fails, when Marceline sees them, and just figures it could go two ways, they makeup and have a stronger relationship, or they break up, when PB sees them, she figures she that much closer to dating Finn, and Beemo turns off to avoid it, eventually, the dust wears off, and they make-up


Ariana Grande as "Jasmine Darkwater"

Jeremy Shada as "Finn North"

Olivia Olson as "Marceline Count" and "Random girl #1"

Isabella Acres as "Princess Bubblegum" and "Random girl #2"


  • This is the First time Finn calls Jasmine "Mi"</li>
  • It has been confirmed by Cartoon network and the Adventure Time Channel that this will be the only time Finn and Jasmine Fight in season 1, but no promises for season 2.</li>
  • The first time Jasmine sings</li>