Middle of Nowhere/That's more like it is a season one episode of Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine


In part 1, Music princess is stolen by the ice king, Jasmine and Finn have to save her, they do successfully Find Ice King and get their asses handed to them but the one problem is Finn forgets Jasmine, and for nearly the whole episode Jasmine is wandering through the Ice kingdom and the Forest, while singing "Middle of Nowhere"

In part 2, Jasmine is found by Finn, and Finn feels horrible, so he decides to make it up to her, by doing tons of nice things, (Retconning the song lyrics but I have to change them to fit Jas's liking), but Finn takes it too far to the point he won't let her walk, he just carries her around the house


  • As noted in the song, Jasmine likes chocolate, tulips, satin, and saphires
  • Jasmine sing in this one, two songs Middle of nowhere, and That's more like it


Middle of nowhere

That's more like it