Gender Male
Age 15
Species Human
  • Hero
  • Adventurer
  • Traveler
Introduction Adventure Time Songs In: Sonnah
Voiced by
  • Kyle Massey
Birthday May 11

Lyle sometimes known as Lyle the Adventurer is the main protagonist in the spin off series: Adventure Time Songs in Sonnah.


Early Life Lyle was born in Fruit Village on Yoso Island. He was abandonded as an infant due to the death of his parents in a wild crop fire. When the fire cleared out, Lyle was left for dead until he was adopted by a young couple. Unfortunately Lyle has no memories of them, but it can speculated that they left him when he was 8-years-old.

When he was about 9-years-old, Lyle was a street fighter for pay. This profession often got him into trouble because of his strength. His mischievious ways had often made him an enemy of many people on Yoso Island. Lyle later decided to become an adventurer when he was 10 and left Yoso Island to travel the world.

Active Years as an AdventurerEdit

Three months after his 10th birthday, he set sail for the Sonnahn Gateway Isles. He wonder through the dense jungles in search of adventures. When he stumbled into a deep chasm, Lyle found a witch by the name of Korena Sandes. She fell in love with him, but Lyle didn't feel the same. Korena attempted to kill him, but Olivia Leon stop her and rescued Lyle. Impressed by Olivia's skills, Lyle decided to tag along to repay his debt to her. Lyle and Olivia became a dynamic duo that went on many adventures together. They both continued to grow closer to each other making them both adoptive siblings.

At Lyle's behest, they both travelled the world together in search of much more broad adventures. Their adventures in the Sonnah Continent will proove to be their greatest one yet.

Appearance and EquipementEdit

Lyle is a 15-years-old human boy. He has a skinny build, copper brown skin, and jet black curly hair. Lyle wears a white t-shirt with a small 'N' logo in the upper left portion, black battle dress pants, and rubber toe shoes. When in cold spots he wears a battle dress coat and a beenie hat. Due to his lack of hygiene, Lyle is missing some of his teeth (though it can be said that he eats minty treats) and has nappy hair. In many episodes of Adventure Time: Sonnah, he is seen going to sleep in various colored shorts and a v-neck.

Despite Lyle using his uncanny strenght to his desposal, he sometimes carries a sword with a blue sheathe. On some occasions he carries a metallic baton that extends 11 feet when swunged.



Lyles abilities are in a sense unparallel to many other humans in Sonnah. He has an uncanny amount of strength for his none muscular build, his ability to easily over turn busses is a testament to his power. Lyle's strength has been said to have come from him breaking his bones that grow denser, stronger, and heavier than before. It is also showned that he has a variety of martial arts moves for defensive and offensive actions and occasional counter strikes. Despite carrying a sword or baton on various occasions, he only knows how to do basic attacks such as Straight, X, Angled, and even Z slashes.

Musical Edit

It has been showned that Lyle has some musical abilities throught the series. One of which is he is know to be able to play Bass Guitar and Tuba. Even though he is rarely shown carring any of his instruments, he appears to play them at random moments (on screen). Lyle is able to play these instruments with ease and sometimes in an advanced techniques almost impossible to others. Lyle even states that the fastest he can play on tuba is 64th notes at any tempo given.


Lyle is known for his creative problem solving skills. He tends to use his natural surroundings and strength to better his unfavorable situtations.

Lyle's Adventure JournalEdit

This is a personal record of all of Lyle's adventures he has embarked on since his active years as an adventurer in an upcoming video game based on the series.




  • Lyle has been changed numerous times by developers throught the course of the developement of the series.
  • Originally Lyle was not intended to have any form of dialogue except for when he giggles, grunts, groans, etc. Kyle Massey changed that by demonstrating his comedic, action, voice acting.
  • During many songs, Lyle only harmonizes instead of singing. On some occasions he will rap and rant on random occasions.
  • Lyle's character design was inspired by Huey Freemen from the Boondocks series.
  • Lyle's imaturity and hastiness made him a perfect duo match for Olivia being mature and laxed.
  • Lyle's shoes and his asthma are some of the reasons he can't run fast or lond distances.
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