The episdoe Begins when Finn is trying to win the heart of Princess Bubblegum who is just ignoring him. He go's home sadly with another lose and eats ice cream while Jake yell's at him saying it was his and to give it back. Jake finally figures out that Finn id depressed. "Hey man is it Pb because that like the 4th time this month so just let go" said Jake and snatches his ice cream. Finn sigh's and look's out the window.

Will love ever come my way?

is it because im to young to say i love you.

Finn sighs and listen's to the radio. Hey dumb Teenagers that dosen't have a realtionship right now do you Know what time it is? Finn:Adventure tim- Battle time so come on over to win and if you do you'll date the beatiful Princess Bubblegum and for girls some guy that looks like her.

"What thats flippin math maticale now PB will see my awsome fighting moves Jake im going to a Battle Tournment!" yelled Finn. He gets his stuff and Jumps out the door.