Lord Grim
Lord Grim
Name Lord Grim
Gender Male
Age 18+
Species Villain
Occupation Devil,


Relatives The Lich (father)
Introduced In "Mystery Dungeon" (Episode in fanfiction)
Latest Appearance "Adventure Time"
Voiced by Chris Ayres
Lord Grim is a new major villain in season 5 of Adventure Time and the main antagonist of Adventure Time: The Movie. He a mysterious, super-powerful, red-skinned, and androgynous devil. He is Me-Mow's boss and the Lich's son.

Lord Grim was able to secretly lure Finn by making him his representative on the Candy Kingdom. In his evil plans to Finn had effectively sacrificed an ally and compatriot, perfectly fulfilling the villains covenant that commanded the slaughter of one, Princess Bubblegum. He wants Princess Bubblegum assassinated so he would become the new ruler of the Candy Kingdom.

Along with the evil plan, Lord Grim created a disguise of the Grand Vizier of Flame Princess named Fire Hot.

In "Adventure Time: The Movie", Grim (under Billy's disguise) tricks Finn and Jake into gathering the gems of power needed to activate the Enchiridion. During the escape, one of the Gumball Guards shot at Billy, reveals his true form as Lord Grim, the Lich's son. He angrily reveals his goal to avenge his father's death and ordering all the monsters to kill Finn, but it fails.

Grim learns of Bubblegum's survival and forms an alliance with numerous past villains from throughout the series, including a confused Ice King, in preparation for the final battle upon which Ooo's fate depends: The Gum War. Gumbald crashes the party, with Grim kidnaps Princess Bubblegum and destroys the Candy Kingdom, and creates a new kingdom with an army of undead warriors, and banishes Finn, Jake and his friends out of Ooo, causing Brenda turns to the dark side by dumps Ice King and banishes him to the frozen wasteland.

As Candy Kingdom is now under Grim's control, Lord Grim approached the mystery villain to collect revenge on Princess Bubblegum. Me-Mow and Brenda arrived his master and said what Princess Bubblegum is believed bad and Finn not renounces be hero yet, but Lord Grim was never worried and said that Princess Bubblegum protect her new boyfriend and and then he was helping for Bubblegum to not disturb. Later, Lord Grim finally creates a evil plan to take over Candy Kingdom full of undead creatures and monsters, finally summoning GOLB.

As the chaos creature attacks, Bubblegum sends her Gumball Guardians to fight it, while Lolly assists with Gumbald's giant robot, and Fern assists using his grass powers. The creature overpowers everyone and seemingly crushes Bubblegum, enraging Marceline, who assumes a more powerful form and kills it. Bubblegum revives, and she and Marceline emotionally express their feelings for one another before kissing, confirming their long hinted romance. The chaos creature then forms again and heads towards the treehouse. Jake witnesses the creature destroying his and Finn's tree house, and becomes despondent. BMO finds him and sings a comforting lullaby to him. The song's harmony negatively affects the chaos creatures, since the Lich's power is derived from chaos itself. Bubblegum encourages everyone else to sing the song, further weakening Grim's monsters.

Meanwhile, Finn, Betty, and Ice King are trapped in a small, shrinking room within GOLB. Grim's influence reverts Ice King to Simon, and Betty to her sanity, while Ice King's crown loses its power. Simon and Betty reconcile, but they and Finn resign themselves to death as the walls close in. Suddenly, BMO's song opens a breach, through which Finn and Simon escape while the heroes fights Grim. Grim angrily betrays Brenda by trying to destroy Candy Kingdom by himself, but Finn stops him and throws a sword at his robot, destroying it.

The fight ends when Betty, however, realizes that the singing has reset the ice crown's power, and so she puts it on wishes for the power to save Simon. This causes her and GOLB to merge into a singular entity, destroying the chaos creatures, and Lord Grim, GOLB, Me-Mow, and Betty sucked into the portal.

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She is Lord Grim's sidekick.


Grim used powerful Ricardio to destroy Marceline and kill Princess Bubblegum.

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He is Lord Grim's father, and a powerful necrotic creature & a major villain in Adventure Time.


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What have we here? Are spies of Finn, Jack and Princess Bubblegum

—"Mystery Dungeon"

There is a secret in this Tree Fort that not said his Ex girlfriend

—"Vault of Bones"

No, I will not do anything. Grrr...

—"Simon and Marcy"

Out! Out! OUT!!!... Alone

—"Party's Over, Isla de Senorita"

Me-Mow! Bringing me to Jack and Rainicorn's children, I want to live!

—"Me-Mow's Rising"

Finn. Here's the trade-off. You give up you're a hero forever and I'm never say truly Flame Princess. You decide. Mmm...

—"Resignation of Finn"

Well, well, well, Her dear enemy Princess Bubblegum. Must call Flame Princess

—"Flame Princess Vs. Princess Bubblegum"

Goodbye Ex girlfriend of Finn!

—"Flame Princess Vs. Princess Bubblegum"

Hah, Haaa, Haaa, Haaa, Haa, Haaa, Haaa, Haaa, Haa... (Evil Laugh)

—"Flame Princess Vs. Princess Bubblegum"

Stupid! You dare to challenge the king of evil!

—"Final Battle"


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