"Light My Fire"
Season 4, Episode 4
Airdate: April 23, 2012
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Cole Sanchez
Natasha Allegri
"Shock & Awe"
"Good Samaritan"
Light My Fire is the fourth episode of Adventure Time: The War Chronicles.


Flame Princess, with help from Finn & Fionna, lead a coup d'etat against the Fire King, who has aligned the Fire Kingdom with the Axis.


In the Fire Kingdom, the Fire King is having an arguement with his daugter, Flame Princess, regarding their alignment. Fire King believes that the Fire Kingdom should share the land with the Nut Kingdom. Flame Princess, on the other hand, believes that the Nut Kingdom is evil. She is also good friends with Finn. After a heated arguement, Flame Princess storms out.

Later on, she rallies many people to her cause. She announces to them her plans for a coup d'etat. She then activates a homing beacon. Soon enough, a Chinook helicopter bearing the Candy Kingdom Coat of Arms roars in & lands. Accompanying it are several other Chinooks & Apache helicopters.

Finn & Fionna emerge from the lead Chinook. Flame Princess explains the situation: they are going to start a coup d'etat. Finn & Fionna agree to side with the Rebels. Part 1 of the plan for the coup: blow up a weapons depot.

A single match & a trail of propane is enough to blow up the weapons depot. Some nearby Fire Soldiers come to investigate & are struck down by Finn & Fionna. More soldiers soon show up, and a battle is on.

When word reaches the Fire King, he orders ALL troops be deployed. However, the morale of the civilians, combined with Finn & Fionna's swordsmanship & the excellent accuracy of the Candy Soldiers prove too much for the Fire Soldiers.

Soon, the Rebels switch to using unorthodox tactics, including Guerilla Warfare. Finn & Fionna continue to kill soldier after soldier.

Eventually, a humvee loaded with ammunition for the Fire Soldiers drives. Captain Enjolras of the Rebels shouts, "BRING IN MR. HAPPY!!!". With that, a Candy Kingdom F-35 drops a metal canister with a mean face on it, down into the humvee's bed, but it doesn't explode. Flame Princess tells Enjolras they're trying to kill the enemy. After informing her that they used a propane tank with the valve left off, Finn asks for a slingshot & a Roman Candle. A Fire Person hands him a slingshot, while Fionna gives him the Candle. In an instant, Finn launches the candle. The candle ignites the vapor & causes the humvee to explode. A chain reaction spreads all throughout the enemy's frontline, killing most of the Fire Soldiers.

The Rebels storm the palace. Inside, a major firefight breaks out. After fighting for 2 hours, the Rebels are nearly out of ammo. The civilians fall back, leaving the Candy Army to finish the battle.

The fight reaches the throneroom. The Fire King mans a turret & opens fire. All of a sudden, an Apache bursts into the room, with Princess Bubblegum at the controls. Then Jake smashes through another window, limbs flailing wildly. Cake does the same thing.

The battle seems to be in the Rebels' control, as civilians come in with guns full of fresh ammo. But then, the Fire King takes Flame Princess hostage & holds her at gun-point. When negotiations break down, Finn & Fionna charge with their swords drawn. A few shots ring out. Flame Princess checks herself for wounds, but finds none. The Fire King had fired them at Princess Bubblegum. This sends Finn into rage mode, as he kills the Fire King. Unable to stop, he clears the room of Fire Soldiers & nearly kills Flame Princes, but luckily, Fionna & PB snap him out of his rage. After he calms down, they all hug each other.

Later that day, Flame Princess is installed as the leader of the Fire Kingdom. She thanks Finn & Fionna for their help, even kisses Finn on the cheek, but subsides when Princess Bubblegum threatens to post Photoshopped images of her doing the can-can with The Lich on New Facebook. The episode ends with Finn & Fionna making plans to play "Godzilla: Unleashed" when they get home.


  • Finn: Jeremy Shada
  • Fionna: Madeleine Martin
  • Flame Princess: Tara Strong
  • Fire King: Timothy Dalton
  • Princess Bubblegum: Isabella Acres
  • Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Captain Enjolras: Aaron Tveit
  • Other voices: Pendleton Ward, Adam Muto, Tom Kenny, Grey DeLisle, Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker

Cake appears, but does not speak.


  • This episode's overall plot is similar to Les Miserables. One of the Rebels is even named Enjolras, who led a similar Rebellion in Les Miserables. Unlike in Victor Hugo's novel (or the actual June Rebellion of 1832), this rebellion succeeds in installing a new leader.
  • This episode shows just how much Princess Bubblegum loves Finn, as she threatened Flame Princess with blackmail.
  • New Facebook is mentioned for the first time.
  • The "Mr. Happy" gag came from the 2006 movie "Open Season".
  • Finn & Fionna mention playing the 2007 Wii game "Godzilla: Unleashed", clearly foreshadowing "Destruction & Despair".
  • The Flame Princess in this episode is NOT the same Flame Princess as the actual series.