Hologram Leonard
Name Leonard
Gender Male
Age Early 20's
Species Holgraphical Humanoid

Human (formerly)

Relatives Wife (deceased)

Daughter (deceased) Holodog (pet)

Introduced In Why that, Leonard?
Latest Appearance Data Crash
Voiced by Alex Walsh

Leonard McLean (full title: Leonard the Hologram) is a recurring character in DKH's Episodes. He is one of Finn and Jake's friends.


Leonard was formerly a human before the Mushroom War began. While at a gas station he met his old friend, Darren, who was secretly working as a hitman, which Leonard was one of his targets. Darren plants a satchel charge and blows up a gas pump, corroding Leonard's body with gas, turning him into a hologram.

In Rage Quit Death and Leonard have another encounter and fight. However the battle ends in a draw after Leonard became possessed by a demon named Kuk. Death recals that he killed Leonard's family, but other than that nothing is revealed more about his past.


Leonard appears to have a azure body with blue swooping hair which partially covers his left eye. He wears a mechanical eye, power gloves, pauldrons and chest armour, boots and shorts.

Leonard's appearance gets redone on season 4 of DKH's Series, with blue shorts, a blue satchel and sneakers. His mechanical eye and armor is removed. ==
Relationships ==

Finn & JakeEdit

Leonard aparently was rescued by Finn and Jake. Leonard might have known them ever since, although he hasn't been seen in previous episodes. They will meet again on Season 6. Leonard first is seen with Finn and Jake in BMO BRO where he repairs the Brobot for Finn and Jake and helps them again when the Brobot had gone completely insane. Finn and Jake seem to known Leonard from before but that hasn't been on-screen.

Ice KingEdit

Leonard was held hostage by Ice King on The Party's Over, Isla de Senora but Ice King and Leonard having a rivalry is unknown.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Leonard helps Princess Bubblegum on BMO BRO to recharge up Brobot with his Electro Powers. Princess Bubblegum knew about Leonard's existance in Ooo, but if it is because they met before or duo PB knowing everyone in and close to her kingdom is unknown.

Marceline AbadeerEdit

Not met yet.


Not met yet.

Elf PrinceEdit

Not met yet.


Not met yet.

Ice PrincessEdit

Not met yet.


Leonard and Holodog are good friends and adventure buddies. Like Brobot, Leonard created Holodog.


Leonard created Brobot but Brobot went pycho, so Leonard fires a energy shiriken at him and asorbs all his lightning resources.

Personallity & Character TraitsEdit

Leonard is a intelligent kind of guy, who resides in the Land of Ooo, living in a wooden shack. He is mostly humble all the time, but sometimes bears emotional feelings, too. He has a great sense of humor and he has a knack for fixing stuff.

Leonard uses a katana as a weapon, named the Energy Blade, which can cut through anything (Yes, even bedrock and obsidian) He appears to be a fair sport and accepts his losses, like when he came second on the last game level on Game of Games.

He's created Holodog, his hologram pet dog, and even builds his own inventions.



As a hologram, Leonard can asorb lightning from power generators, electronics and power cords. This has been seen on BMO BRO.


Despite using blades, Leonard uses a variety of weapons and technology. He is able to launch energy shurikens from his gloves. This is seen on BMO BRO.

MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit


  • Laser Beam: Leonard shoots a green laser from his mechanical eye.
  • Katana Slash: Leonard summons his katana and performs a projectile.
  • Energy Shuriken: Leonard launches a energy shuriken from his glove.
  • Invisibility: Leonard turns invisible.
  • Tele - Punch: Leonard teleports under his opponent and gives them a rising uppercut. This move can also be done in air.
  • Right Click: Leonard summons a task bar, grabs the "cut scissor" and cuts the opponent.
  • Teleport: Leonard vanishes and reappears behind the opponent.
  • Flying: Leonard floats for exacly 8 minutes.
  • X Ray - Short Circut: Leonard bicycle kicks the opponent into the air, breaking the opponent's jaw. He then finishes it with a charged uppercut in the ribcage.


  • Techno Sword Moves: Leonard slices his opponent's arms off, then proceeds to slice the opponent in half, then finishes it off with a laser blast, separating the opponents torso and head from the legs.
  • Life Hack: Leonard launches an energy shuriken into his opponent's scalp and fires another that cuts off the opponent's arm. The opponent screams in agony, then Leonard flies in the air and activates the shuriken, blowing up the opponent's scalp while the brain lands onto Leonard's hand.
  • Babality: Leonard turns into a baby and shoots a laser out of his eye causing him to fall back because of the impact.

Special SkinsEdit

  • Steampunk: Leonard's steampunk form on Steampunk Time. Wields a silver sword.
  • Leona (DLC): Leonard's gender swap. Wields a pink pulseblade.

Disguises & Alternate FormsEdit

General HologramEdit

Leonard appears on Wreck-It Marshall Lee when he rewards Marshall Lee the Heroic Duty medal. Leonard's appearance still remains the same, but he is wearing a azure beret with a gold badge on it and has a sash with medals on it.


On 1001 Years, Leonard takes the form of a thief. This is one of the forms he takes as a human


Target acquired.


Let's...Let's end this.

Rage Quit

Episode AppearancesEdit




  • Leonard has a genderswapped counterpart, Leona, in Ice King's fanfiction, though she doesn't have a physical appearance yet, but has been mentioned by Ice King.


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