"Jake and Lady"
Season 1, Episode 16
Production code: 1011-41
Airdate: November 27, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Merriwether Williams
Time McKeon
Written &
storyboarded by:
JG Quintel
Cole Sanchez
"A New Kingdom"
"She Pregers?"

"Jake and Lady" is the sixteenth episode in the first season of ATF's Episodes. It is the sixteenth episode overall.


Jake and Lady Rainicorn decide to get married.


The episode begins with everyone at the Tree Fort. Everyone is there but Jake and Lady. Finn is next to Flame Princess, Silver Prince next to Princess Bubblegum, Ice King next to Marceline, and all of Jake and Lady's children. Finn askes Flame Princess why everyone is there. Flame Princess says she doesn't know but she was told to come there. He also asked where is Jake and Lady Rainicorn. Princess Bubblegum and Silver Prince shrugged and told them that they haven't seen all day. Then, Jake and Lady Rainicorn walked in and said that they have an important announcement. Finn asked what. Lady Rainicorn said, "우리는 결혼입니다!" Princess Bubblegum looked in shock. Finn asked Jake to translate. Jake said, "We are getting married!" Everyone started clapping and Finn said congradulations. Jake and Lady huged. Flame Princess said they need to prepare for the wedding. Everyone started pre-pare. Flame Princess and Finn located where they will get married. Princess Bubblegum and Silver Prince sent out the invitations. Ice King and Marceline choose the priest. And Jake and Lady's children decided on who is going to be the flower girl and ring bearer.

On the day of the wedding at the Tree Fort. In the living room Finn, BMO, Ice King, Silver Prince, Kim Kil Whan, and T.V., were helping Jake with his tuxsedo and told him not to be scared. Jake said there was no need for fear. Jake asked Finn to tell Lady that they are all going to meet her and the girls at the Candy Kingdom Chapel. Finn said ok and whent upstairs when he got there he found Lady Rainicorn in her wedding dress with Princess Bubblegum helping. Flame Princess came over and told Finn he cann't come in. Finn said that was fine and that all the boys will meet them at the Candy Kingdom Chapel. Flame Princess said ok. Finn asked Flame Princess if she will sit next to him at the wedding. Flame Princess said "Of corse!" and she gave him a kiss. Finn said thanks and whent outside to meet Jake transforming into a bus. Everyone got in and Jake drove away to the Candy Kingdom Chapel. When they arrived they found all the guests all ready there. Kim Kil Whan and Jake ran up the front at the alter. Finn ran up to Jake and told him good job. Then Finn sat in the front row and saved a seat for Flame Princess on the right. Two seats down T.V. sat and behind Finn was the Ice King. Silver Prince sat far down the front row.

About 10 minutes later the chapel doors opened. Flame Princess, Marceline, Charlie, and Jake Jr., and Viola came in. Flame Princess sat next to Finn, Marceline sat next to Ice King. Charlie, Jake Jr., and Viola sat next to T.V. Princess Bubblegum told Tree Trunks to start playing the music. Everyone stood. Princess Bubblegum started throuing the flowers in front of her, than came Lady Rainicorn in her wedding dress than Lady came up to the alter and faced Jake. Snow man priest began. "Do you, Jake the Dog, take Lady Rainicorn to be your wife?" Jake anwsered "I do." Than the snowman priest asked "당신은 당신의 남편 제이크을합니까?" Lady awnsered "내가 할." The snowman priest asked for the rings. Kim Kil Whan handed the rings to them and they put on the rings. The priest said "I pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride" Jake gave lady a kiss everyone started cheering. Then everyone sall Finn and Jake's parents Joshua and Margret appeared. With that the episode ended.


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  1. We are getting married!
  2. Do you, Lady Rainicorn take Jake as your husband?
  3. I do.


  • This is the second time someone has gotten married.
  • Everyone had the same thing on from the episode, "The Consort."


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