The Imperial State of Yallah is a Tropical Oceanic Nation located in the Northwestern part of the South half of the Eastern Continent. They are ruled by a Shah who rules the Government with the Police and Military. Unfortunately the Shah, Police and Military with their Government are subjugated to the Robotroplis Empire. Which makes Yallah a puppet state to the Robotroplis Empire.


The Government of Yallah is a Constitutional Monarchy under a Totalitarian Millitary Dictatorship. The Monarchy is an Imperial State run by a Shah/Emperor like Mana except the Shah is a constitutional Monarch elected by the President who is President Nightmare (the De-facto ruler president).


The Military of Yallah consists of Nightmare Troopers and SWATbots since Yallah is a puppet state completely dependent on President Nightmare.

Various Races residing in YallahEdit


  • Haradrim 
  • Amazoneses
  • Easterlings


  • Zorah
  • Anamorphic Fish People
  • Men of the East
  • Easterlings
  • Amazoneses



  • Mohammad Pahlavi Shah (reign 1940-1951)
  • Rozah Khan Shah (reign 1951-1981)
  • Nadu Moro Shah (reign 1981-1990)
  • Korda Pahlavi Shah (reign 1990-2015)
  • Narahon Kuda Shah (reign 2015-Present)

Imperial FamilyEdit

Member Rank Status
Narahon Kuda Shah The Shah Alive (age 20)
Grace Farah  The Empress Alive (age 19)

Administrative OfficersEdit

Aministrative Officer Rank Status
President Nightmare De-Facto Ruler/President Alive
General Kurdaventz Prime Minister Alive
General Nadro Governor-General Alive
General Xavier Crawford Lieutenant Governor General Alive
General Klingdom Head of the Military Council Alive
General Kadabul  Assistant Head of the Military Council Alive
General Xuangtong Junior Minister Alive


Member Rank Status
Colonel Mosadeque Colonel Alive
Lieutenant Garder Lieutenant Alive


Member Rank Status
Xavier Citizen Alive

National AnthemEdit


National Anthem of the Imperial State of Yallah (Glorious year of 2015)

National Anthem of the Imperial State of Yallah (Glorious year of 2015)

The bright scarlet blood 
Flooded over the towns and plains of our motherland The Great State of Yallah 
The blood of our great Milirary Troopers and Policemen,
Our conquerers' blood, both men and women.

Their blood produced a great anger and the courage 
To contend with heroism. 
On Glorious year 2015, under the banner of Nightmare, 
Their blood subjigated the wretched citizens to Slavery. Hurrah, hurrah,
For the glorious year of 2015! 
That wonderful victory had greater significance 
Than the year Nightmare conqured Kou! We are uniting 
To construct a Imperial State with a new and better society, 
Military Run, Police Run and Glorious. 
We follow the road to firmly-based independence. We absolutely guarantee to defend our motherland, 
Our fine territory, our magnificent revolution! Hurrah, hurrah,
Hurrah! For the new Imperial State of Yallah 
A splendid, Nightmare ruled land of plenty! 
We guarantee to raise aloft and wave the banner of President Nightmare. 
We shall make our motherland prosperous beyond all others, 
Magnificent, wonderful!

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