"Icy Blade"
Season 2, Episode 13
Production code: 0025
Airdate: November 12, 2012
Director: Jico, Kyna, Joey Z.
Story: Charles, Lexther, Brian, Seth
Written &
storyboarded by:
Eugeny, Ronuel, Joseph
"Adventure Mountain"
"My Friends Part 1"


Finn and Jake teach Ice Princess on how to do Ice Ninja Powers, but gets caught by Ice King.


Finn, Jake, and Icey are at the foot of Ice King's mountain. Finn demonstrates the ice ninja move; thin ice. Icey tries it and says she likes it, now she can sneak out of her father's home and run away. Finn, Jake, and Icey, falls down on the ground, laying down. Icey sees a cloud shaped like a bear. Finn sees a cloud of a PHIL FACE. Jake sees the... Ice King's face!! Ice King said that Icey cannot hang out with Finn and Jake before, but had disobeyed him.

Icey responded cold, and went to her room. There, she remembered "thin ice". She used it and was teleported back to the Tree Fort. She sees Finn and Jake eating bacon. Icey greets them. To their, suprise, wonder how did she get here. Icey says that she used "thin ice", and brought Gunter. Gunter went to the kitchen, and broke some bottles. Ice King was reading the newspaper, when his Gunter Breaking Bottles Watch was ticking. He saw Gunter and Icey in the watch at the Tree Fort.

Ice King was enraged and went to the Tree Fort, he bursts in the door and takes Icey with her, Icey gets off her father, and responded cold. She used her ice ninja power Jake taught her. Ice Blades. She used the Ice Blade to hit her father, but keeps on missing.

Ice King was really angry at Icey and commanded her to go to her room. Icey disagreed. Ice King shoots Icey, freezing her. Finn and Jake comes from behind the Ice King, and kicks him side to side. (like he did in Chamber of Frozen Blades." The episode ends where Icey and the two pulls a pranks on Leonard: Icey puts an icicle in his butt.


  • This episode was previously named "Ice Ninja Trap" but was changed.
  • Finn demostrates "Thin Ice", but was never seen using it in "Chamber of Frozen Blades".
  • Snail was seen in Leonard's cabinet.


Main Characters

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Ice Princess
  • Ice King

Minor Characters

  • Gunter
  • Leonard McLean
  • Penguins
  • Snail

Episode ConnectionsEdit

  • This is the second time we saw Ice Ninja Powers. First was Chamber of Frozen Blades.
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