"Ice To Toes"
Season 001, Episode 000
Production code: 001
Director: Jico
"Peppermint Butler's Day"


The scene begins in the Ice Kingdom, Ice King's home, where Finn and Jake are battling the Ice King because he had captured Potato Princess. Eventually, Jake punches the Ice King, and steals his crown so he cant use Ice Powers. Jake tries to wear it in the Tree Fort, but Finn said he cant because he will turn lunatic and have Ice Powers. When Finn is asleep, Jake wears the crown and becomes lunatic, he runs away and tries to freeze the Tree Fort. Finn woke up and saw lunatic Jake trying to freeze the Tree Fort. Finn tries to stop him but Jake freezes Finn's legs. Finn calls for help, and the exhausted Ice King came. "I want my crown back!" said the Ice King. Jake manages to freeze Ice King's feet. In the sky, some Birds are fighting over a rock which is really heavy. When they try to grab it, the rock fell on Jake's head, and knocks off the crown. Jake wasnt lunatic anymore and Ice King got his crown back. They called Flambo to unfreez the Tree Fort and their frozen body parts. Finn three coal at Flambo which made him strong. (This was based on Popeye). Ice King invited Finn and Jake for Game Night for a game of Monopoly. Ice King became mad at Finn and Jake and try to reason them because he always get the shoe, and F and J always got the car.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Ice King

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Flambo
  • Potato Princess
  • Birds
  • Snail


  • Ice King and Finn and Jake were friends in this episode after they stole his crown, which allowed them to play Game Night.
  • This is the first original pilot episode of BuritoMan.


  • Ice King said "it dang" instead of "dang it",

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