Huntress Wizard
Huntress Wizard
Name Huntress Wizard
Gender Female
Species Wizard
Occupation Archer
Introduced In "Wizard Battle"
Latest Appearance "Warriors of Nature"
Voiced by Maria Bamford ("City of Wizards")
Jenny Slate ("Warriors of Nature"-onward)

Huntress Wizard is one of the competitors in the Wizard Battle. She is seen in "Reign of Gunters" hanging out in front of the magical item shop in Wizard City, and talks briefly to the Ice King. She played a main role in "Warriors of Nature".


Huntress Wizard is laid-back, and appears to have a sarcastic and insolent approach to things. However besides all this she has a very good heart and loves animals and nature. She doesn't hesitate to kill anyone because that is what is asked from her. She is quickly annoyed by things that don't go the way she wants.


Huntress Wizard is a nimble and skilled archer. She is able to accurately shoot anything from very long distances. She also can use telekinesis to lift her arrows out of her quiver and shoot them. She also has hidden leaf-like "ninja stars" hidden in her hair (which also has the appearance of leaves so the weapons aren't easily noticed). She has also been seen to create bolts of lightning from her palms.


Jungle PrincessEdit

Jungle Princess and Huntress Wizard are best friends of each other. They often accompanied each other on quest that they have to do from their master. They both share their love for nature, but differ from each other in most aspects, which causes them to be even better friends.

Ice KingEdit

She has battled Ice King before in "Wizard Battle" but apparently knew him already before that time. She helped Ice King in "Reign of Gunters" she helps him find the way but also advises him, so he wouldn't get killed. Otherwise she is on good terms with him but finds him a bit foolish.

Forest WizardEdit

Forest Wizard is the mentor of Jungle Princess and Huntress Wizard. He gives them quests about what they should do, he always knows when there is trouble in the forest but can't handle that all by himself. Huntress Wizard sees him as a wise man and respects him, but often is annoyed because of his handling.


She has leaf hair and tree branch antlers, along with a brown cap and a black eye mask. She has light green eyes with dark green vertical pupils similar to that of a cat. She wears a purple shirt, brown pants, a belt, a black cape, and black/purple boots. She also sports a quiver of arrows on her back, implying that she is an archer. She wears a brown glove on one hand but not on the other like an archery glove.

MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Arrow Shot: shoots an arrow forwards with her mind.
    • Arrow Barrage: shoots multiple arrows in a straight line forwards with her mind.
  • Bow Shot: shoots multiple arrows from her bow going in several directions.
  • Leaf Star: hurls a ninja star made out of a leaf forwards
  • Ignite: shoots a small pillar of fire out of the ground.
  • Shock: a small lightning strikes down in front of her.
  • Flash Step: Huntress steps forwards and appears behind the opponent.
  • X-Ray - Hidden Blade: Huntress stabs in the opponent with a hidden blade and spins it around in the chest causing some parts to break and stabs with her other hidden blade into the shoulder plate breaking it.


  • Arrow Mealstorm: Huntress Wizard summons many arrows and throws them at the opponent. Every arrow goes through to body and returns in her bag. The opponents fall dead on the ground.
  • Assassination: Huntress throws a rope dart through the opponent's neck and pulls them to her. She then summons an arrow and sticks it in the eye, followed by one in the mouth and finaly one in the brain. Afterwards she drops the body.

Special SkinsEdit

  • Young Apprentice: Huntress Wizard wears her casual clothes when she was still in training.
  • Hunter Wizard (DLC): genderswapped version of Huntress Wizard.


  • Although other females (the Lady Wizard 1, Lady Wizard 2, and Science Whyzard) showed up for the competition, only Huntress Wizard stayed to compete in the Wizard Battle.
  • Andy Ristaino stated that Huntress Wizard might have battled just to test her skills.
    • Although she was seen cheering after hearing the prize was a kiss from Princess Bubblegum.
  • She was designed by Michelle Xin.
  • She speaks for the first time in Reign of Gunters.
  • She displays the ability to magically levitate her arrows in Reign of Gunters.
  • Although she has arrows, she is never seen with a bow.
    • It could be that she does not need one, due to her levitation ability.
  • Hunter Wizard is her male counterpart in Ice King's fanfiction.