Holoska is a Commonwealth Division of the Robotroplis Empire. Even though it is dominated by Nightmare's Arctic Region and is ruled by Tundra the Walrus. The Commonwealth is divided by independent states all loyal to President Nightmare.


There is no Main government, but there are multiple Governments that are puppeted by President Nightmare and his sub-boss Tundra the Walrus.

There are many tribes that act like Mirconations in the nation in which the nation is like a federation.


The Military conists of Nightmare Troopers and SWATbots with Worgen, Trolloc and Yeti mercenaries.


Nightmare's Arctic LegionEdit

  • Tundra the Walrus (Supreme Leader)
  • Gray Fullbuster (Second in Command, formerly)
  • Hoodie 
  • Drago Wolf 
  • Razorclaw
  • Nightmare Troopers
  • Worgen Mercenaries
  • Trolloc Mercenaries
  • Yeti Mercenaries
  • Anamorphic Wolf Mercenaries
  • Felide (Anamorphic Wildcat) Mercenaries
  • SWATbots


  • Jari-Pekka (Grand Chief of the Tribes)
  • Ursule
  • Jari-Thure
  • Sarinna
  • Marketa.
  • Tauren tribe
    • Thunderhorn (Chief)
  • Taunka tribe
  • Easterling tribe
  • Wolf Pack
    • Lupe the Wolf (Supreme Leader)
    • Lobo
    • Reynard
    • Diablo
    • Canus
    • Leeta
    • Lyco
    • Aerial
    • Athena
    • Marcos
    • Maria
    • Guntiver the Arctic Wolf
    • Erma Ermine
    • Lupe the Doggat
  • Felide
    • King Tutankor (Supreme Leader)
    • Queen Hathor

National AnthemEdit

National Anthem of the Commonwealth Divison of Holoska (Don Holoska)

National Anthem of the Commonwealth Divison of Holoska (Don Holoska)


It has shaken, has shaken, has stirred
The Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Quiet Holoska
And everywhere [it flowed], it responded
To the call of liberty
The steppe of Holoska glimmers, glimmers with Frost
The ripples on the fields shine, shine with gold
And from the expanses resounds, so pleasant to the ear,
The call of liberty
Glory, Glory to thee, Holoska, and now, in our years,
For the memory, in the memory of the free times of old,
In times of adversity, your sons will preserve
The honour of liberty.
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