"Hidden Treasure"
Season 2, Episode 13
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Singing Flew"

"Hidden Treasure" is the thirteenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn finds a hidden message in his flute and tries to figure it out.


Jake walks into the Tree Fort and sees Finn on the couch and asks what he is doing. Finn tells that he just repaired his flute which broke that one time when they tried to escape from Ice King. But something feels odd about it. Jake takes a look at the flute and asks if Finn can play the flute. Finn says he can and plays it but nothing happens. Jake picks up the flute and looks on the inside where he sees some signs. He tells it to Finn who says they carefully must split the flute open. They then see a map which appears to be the one of Mount Cragdor. Finn and Jake decide to go to Mannish Man to let him take a look at it.

Upon arriving at Mount Cragdor they encounter Key-per who asks what they are doing here. Finn explains that he has to show something to Mannish Man. Key-per understands and lets Finn and Jake inside. They find Mannish Man and show him the map. Mannish Man says that it is the lost map that tells the spot of the Haste Lance. Finn and Jake ask what that is, Mannish Man explains that the lance gives you control over the space and time. Finn says that they must find it before it gets in the hands of evil. The three follow the maps instructions and come across several boby traps that are set up to prevent them from getting the lance. Eventually Finn, Jake and Mannish Man reach the entrance of a crystal cave, of which Mannish Man never knew the existance of. They entered it and walked to the end where the lance was kept save in a glass coffin. The guys grabbed the lance out of the coffin and saw a note attached to it. Jake began to read.

"Dear Finn. Although I only got to see you a few days, I immediately saw you had the same spirit to go on adventure as me. I asked the Cosmic Owl to put the Haste Lance in a save place so you would be able to find it again. Now that you've found it I only ask you to keep it somewhere save with yourself and only use it when something terrible would happen to the land you live in now. Use this as your last resort. Your PDarKingdomHearts (talk)" Jake read, but the last word wasn't completely readable. Mannish Man said that Finn should keep it with him.

Finn wondered who the person might be who left him this magical artifact, but didn't want to think about that anymore. Finn and Jake then left Mount Cragdor and headed back to the Tree Fort. Finn went downstairs to their vault and placed the Haste Lance in a mummy tomb thinking it would be safe there. Jake called him so Finn went back upstairs. Jake said that he let someone repair the flute for him, and that it is in perfect state now. Meanwhile at Mount Cragdor, Mannish Man was tied up to a chair with his mouth taped. The tape got ripped off by someone who then asked where the Haste Lance was.


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  • Snail is seen in the vault between the gold.
  • Mannish Man makes his long awaited return.
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