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Name Heinrich
Gender Male
Age 55
Species Human
Occupation CEO, Businessman, Arms Engineer
Relatives Julie Arbeiter (wife, deceased)
Howard Adams (son)
Introduced In "The Outsiders, Pt. 1"
Heinrich K. Adams is a popular businessman and he is well-known for being the CEO of his grandparents' huge arms manufactory, which was ran by thousands of slaves who were believed to be captured humans from the wars of the Empire, and creatures or humanoids. who are mutated during the Mushroom War. He once had a sweet and loving wife named Julie Galina Arbeiter, in which she gave birth to four sons, (two of them died) and one lost daughter. The only son which he had left, Howard, was once one of his most valuable persons in his life and served as Howard's closest friend, but after a quarrel with his father, caused by his son expressing disagreement to be the heir of the company, he and his wife were forced to be banished away due to his anger of the death of his father, who died due to a heart attack as a result of the quarrel his son did.

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