Name Goblintrollninjaghostthing
Gender Male
Species Goblintrollninjaghostthing
Introduced In Most Magical Magician (mentioned)
Latest Appearance Homeless

"Goblintrollninjaghostthing" is first introduced in Most Magical Magician where he was mentioned by Gene because he was hunting him. He later appeared in Homeless where he destroyed Gene's mansion made the cave his own. After a few days passed Finn, Jake and Gene  returned to the cave to destroy him,and succeeded.


Like his name indicates he is a mix of several species. He has a goblin head, he has long big ears, blank eyes and crooked teeth. His body shape is the same as a troll with big muscles. He wears a black ninja suit coverin his whole upper body except his eyes and mouth. His legs are turned into a spectrail ghost tail. In addition to that he also has a weird green thing hanging from his butt.

Episode Appearances Edit


The Goblintrollninjaghostthing is very strong and has abilities from several species. He has super-human strength just like a troll, he also has a spike cudgel that belongs to the troll species in his hand. In his other hand he has a lantern that fires fireballs. He is very quick and walks smoothly, he also has ghost abilities. He can shoot ghost beams and and can fly around with his spectrail tail.


Gene fears things that don't excist including the Goblintrollninjaghostthing, that's why he couldn't defeat it on his own

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