General Pistachio is the 5-star general of the Nut Kingdom Army.


General Pistachio was born in 2971 AD in the Nut Kingdom. As he grew up, he was subjected to constant bullying at school, before killing his bully. It was soon discovered that the bully was a Candy Kingdom spy, sent to sabotage the schools. This fueled his hatred for the Candy People.

In 3005, he became 5-star general. His skills were put to the test when River Pirates attempted to raid the Nut Kingdom. In a controversial move, he deployed a nuclear bomb against the River Pirates, creating new tensions between the Candy & Nut Kingdoms.

In 3010, he came close to deploying troops against Princess Bubblegum when she attempted to capture the Duke of Nuts. However, thanks to Finn & Jake, the situation was solved.

In 3011, a small but deadly skirmish broke out between Candy & Nut Soldiers over an oil field. Pistachio oversaw the battle, but secretly didn't want the problem to be solved using guns. Still, the Nut Kingdom lost the oil field, furthering tensions between the kingdoms.

Finally, war broke out between the Candy & Nut Kingdoms. Pistachio became the leader of the Nut Kingdom's Armed Forces. He soon found out that the Candy Kingdom was deadlier than he thought. Pistachio experienced defeat after defeat, in which he lost over 600,000 men & vehicles.

Soon, he began executing men he found weak or incompetent. He also passed older soldiers over for promotions for younger, drafted soldiers. He also began doubting the power of the Nut Army as the war dragged on.

As the war entered it's second year, he began showing more confidence when he discovered the "Death Tank" project. He ordered more than 20 units to be under his control. Soon, the Nut Army's status as a severe threat was established. The Candy Kingdom experienced a string of defeats, until Finn & Fionna captured one of the tanks. The tables were turned, as their masterful handling of the tank proved good enough to destroy at least 5 other Death Tanks. Pistachio's burning hatred for Finn & Fionna erupted, and he vowed to kill them both.

Pistachio's hatred cooled a bit, and became adament about the Mechagodzilla project. Not only was Mechagodzilla much bigger than the Death Tanks, he would also be a weapon to use against Godzilla, who had been causing massive destruction within Axis territory for months.