"Garlic and Peanut Butter"
Season 2, Episode 20
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Stay Connected"
"Game of Games"

"Garlic and Peanut Butter" is the twentieth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Marceline wants to introduce Princess Bubblegum to her father, but was trouble with that.


Princess Bubblegum is sitting along with Finn and Jake on Marceline's couch while watching Marceline floating through the room because of her anxiousness. Bonnie says Marceline to calm down and sit with them on the couch, but Marceline says she can't, she's just too nervous. Then the doorbell rings and Marceline opens it. Hunson waves friendly and Marceline lets him in. Hunson says that she has many guests over, and then asks why she wanted him to come.

Marceline says she wants to tell it at dinner. While Marceline is talking with her father Finn turns to PB. He asks if she isn't nervous too. PB says that she is, but probably not as nervous as Marceline. PB then asks what the relationship is between Marceline and her father. Finn and Jake tell her what happened the times that they were involved with Hunson and Marceline. After telling it PB finds it only naturel that she is nervous. PB tells that she doesn't have to worry since her mother is exploring the world. Finn and Jake are surprised to hear PB has any other family. PB says they aren't related by blood but that she always has been a mother figure, or at least some kind of sister of her.

Marceline then says she is going to prepare dinner, spagetti. After the food is finished the five sit around the table and start to eat. Finn, Jake and Hunson quickly finish their food. PB takes her time and finishes after them and Marceline dawdling which Hunson notices. He says her not to dwadle and finish her food already. After Marceline finishes her plate Hunson asks what she wanted to tell. Marceline wants to say it but says she needs a moment and runs upstairs. PB excuses herself and runs after her. Upstairs PB asks what is stopping her. Marceline says she's afraid that her father won't accept it, and is going to be mad. PB conforts her by telling that her father also accepted her not being the next ruler of the Nightosphere so he will also accept this. Marceline agrees but questions how PB knows about that, Bonnie says she heard it from Finn and Jake.

The two return to the table where the three are waiting. Marceline then introduces Bonnie as her girlfriend. Hunson is surprised but not shocked. Marceline is also surprised that he takes it so easily. Huson says he would've see it coming if she dated a girl, but not someone who is so different from her. Hunson then also notes that it took some time for her to discover she likes girls, since she dated like 3 other guys for a long time before this. Marceline wants to know if he really is okay with it, and Hunson nodds.

Hunson then asks why Finn and Jake are here. Marceline says they are here for back-up, if he might go berserk. Hunson laughs and says she is good at planning. Hunson then goes to Bonnie and says she will make a great daughter-in-law. And her skin is pink, so there is some red for Marceline to suck out. Bonnie laughs and says that doesn't matter, a little water brings back the pink color anyways. After some talking Marceline waves goodbye to her father, Finn and Jake. When outside Hunson says if they still want to have a battle which Finn and Jake accept. The three then battle while Marceline and Bonnie watch them and laugh. They give each other a kiss and the screen goes black.


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  • Snail is seen in Marceline's fridge.
  • Finn makes refrences to "It Came from the Nightosphere" and "Daddy's Little Girl".
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