Fionna (previously named Fiona or Fionna the Human Girl) is the female counterpart of Finn, created by series character designer Natasha Allegri in a series of web comics and drawings. She and the other gender-swapped characters appeared in the season three episode "Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake." She is usually seen in the company of her own stretchy companion, Cake who is the gender and species-swapped version of Jake. Fionna's enemy is the gender-swapped version of Ice King, the Ice Queen (until she was killed in the season four episode "Finn & Fionna").









Finn (blood twin brother)




  • Heroine
  • Commander

Introduced in

"Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake"

Voiced by

  • Madeleine Martin (Fionna & Cake-13 Again)
  • Katie Sammonds (Finn & Fionna onward)


June 19


She has blue eyes and wears clothing similar to Finn's: a rabbit-themed hat (similar to Finn's bear-themed hat) with exposed locks of blonde hair. Unlike Finn, she has her neck exposed. She also has a teal blue shirt with longer sleeves than Finn's, and a dark blue skort (A pair of shorts with a second layer of fabric going around them like a skirt)[1]. She also noticably has knee-high socks with two smaller horizontal stripes at the top. Fionna has bigger hips, bosom, and is heavier built than Finn ("chubby cute"). She has the same shade of blue as Finn's clothing, the same green backpack, and Mary Jane shoes on her feet. In the Ice Kingdom, she wears a yellow sweater very similar to Finn's.



Finn is Fionna's twin brother , as revealed in "Finn & Fionna". Fionna very much loves him & cares for him. They rarely (if ever) argue, but it is usually a misunderstanding, as they make up very quickly. They have hugged more times than can be counted. In fact, they were so traumatized by their near-death experience on the moon with the Daleks in "Trip to the Moon", they refused to let go of each other. They will also hold each other in fear. They are very protective of each other. When either is in trouble, the other will come to the rescue at once (unless one is incapacitated). Finn even went as far as to disguise himself as a Nut Soldier to infiltrate the Sky Fortress to rescue Fionna in Movie Four.