"Fionna & Cake Return!"
Season 1, Episode 4
Production code: 1011-18
Airdate: November 25
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Ooo's Pet Show"

"Fionna & Cake Return!" is the fourth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


In this gender-swapped episode Fionna gets in a love triangle with Prince Gumball and Flame Prince and seeks help with Marshal so she can fix the problem.


Fionna and Cake woke up to start a new day of adventure. Fionna suddenly remembered that she had a date with Flame Prince today when she suddenly got called by Prince Gumball who said that their meeting was replaced to a later time, the time where she had a date with Flame Prince.

Fionna was confused and sat down on a fallen tree outside. Cake asked what was bothering her, Fionna told that she didn't know what to do anymore, she didn't want to make a choice between Gumball and Flame Prince. Cake said to follow her heart but Fionna wouldn't accept the advice and left. She encountered Mashall Lee who also asked what was wrong. Fionna explained her situation, Marshall then requested to help her by brining her to both dates. Fionna would excuse her after some time and Marshall would fly her to her other date.

Fionna first was first picked up by Flame Princess and his giant flambit and ride to the drive-inn. After the two spent a little time there watching the movie, Flame Prince laid his hand on Fionna's shoulders, Marshall taunted Fionna to come, Fionna says she has to go to the bathroom and leaves. Marshall takes her to the Candy Castle where Prince Gumball, Tree Trunks (male), Canella Bun, Amylum and Lumpy Space Prince are gathered.

Gumball asked if he could speak to Fionna in private. Gumball gave a present to Fionna, an attachment to her sword. Fionna blushed and the two went back and interrupted LSP's "speech". Gumball began the meeting, Fionna saw Marshall in the mirror pointing to his watch, Fionna asked Cake to listen for her while she goes to the bathroom. Marshall brought Fionna back to Flame Prince, Marshall also asked if she had made a decission yet but Fionna still didn't know. Flame Prince was happy that Fionna was back and they continued watching the movie. After the movie was finished Flame Prince wanted to take Fionna to a restaurant close to the Candy Castle. Fionna agreed happily and they went there. Fionna said she had to drop something home and said FP to go ahead.

Instead she went to Gumball who just finished his speech, Cake told that Gumball wanted to do something with taxes. Gumball smiled at Fionna and she smiled back, Gumball went to Fionna while the others started to talk. Gumball said that Fionna is the best friend he ever had. Fionna was a bit disappointed when she heard she just had been "friendzoned". She said that she had to go. Marshall asked what was wrong when he saw Fionna leave. Fionna said she had chosen Flame Prince, Marshall brought her to FP and the two continued their date.

Marshall encountered Cake who asked what was going on. Marshall explained the situation Fionna was in, Cake asked how Marshall understood Fionna. Marshall said he is a guy who, of nature, can understand female problems. Cake smiled. Suddenly out of nowhere the Ice Queen attacked the Candy Castle, Cake and Mashall went to Fionna and Flame Prince and asked them to help and save the Candy Castle. Fionna, Cake, Marshall and Flame Prince defeated the Ice Queen who went back to the Ice Kingdom. Prince Gumball thanked Fionna and asked why she left so suddenly. Fionna said she didn't know, Gumball thanked her again and she left.

Fionna and Cake were back at the Tree Fort when Marshall knocked on the window and they let him enter. Marshall said that she made a wise choice. But Fionna said that she appearantly still had feelings for Gumball. Marshall said it would be okay, Fionna agreed, she then suggested to play some video games and the other two joined.

Meanwhile in the real dimension Ice King was laughing when Marceline said that she was right about having this chapter in the fanfiction. Ice King thanked her and said he would soon kidnap Finn and Jake to read it for them.


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  • This marks the third gender-swapped episode.
  • The Snail is seen above the kissing Fionna and Flame Prince in the Drive-Inn.
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