Flame princess and flame princes by kickmeplease-d5i3rkz

Kalma and Angel

Finn and Flame Princess's kids are the little sons and Daughter of Finn and Flame Princess. their names are Finn Jr., Joshua, Kalma and Angel.


They were born from Flame Princess 3 years ago.

The KidsEdit

Finn Jr.Edit

The First Born child who resembles Finn with orange hair in Finn's clothing of a light blue T-Shirt and Dark Blue shorts. He is 13 years old


The Third Born child who resembles Finn but wears a brown sweatshirt and Black Jeans. He has blonde hair like his dad. He is 9 years old


Kalma is the second born child who resembles the Flame Prince. He wears a tank top and baggy trousers. He is 11 years old.


Angel is the last born child who resmbles Flame Princess at age 6. She has short hair and a pink flower dress. she is 8 years old.


Joshua was named after Finn's dad.

Kalma looks a lot like Flame Prince.

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