Finn & Fionna is an orchestrated track used as Finn & Fionna's theme. It was first used in "Finn & Fionna" & is still used today.


The track's origins can be traced back to 1954. It was originally composed by Akira Ifikube for the Japanese Horror/Sci-Fi film Gojira (released worldwide as Godzilla, King of the Monsters!). The track has had several names, both in Godzilla & Adventure Time:

  • Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital
  • Godzilla on the Ocean Floor
  • Finn & Fionna
  • The Hospital
  • Godzilla's Guilt

The piece was meant to generate sympathy for Finn & Fionna. Adam Muto stated: "We chose the track because it symbolizes Finn & Fionna's status as the last humans (granted Susan Strong is also human, but that is beside the point). We wanted you to share the emotions that run through them. We want you to sympathize Finn & Fionna (maybe Susan, too). We want you to feel that Finn & Fionna (and Susan) are the only survivor's of the wrath of Kim Jong Il."

thumb|300px|right|Finn & Fionna, as originally composed in 1954

The trackEdit

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