"Finn & Fionna"
Season 4, Episode 1
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Airdate: April 2, 2012
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Rebecca Sugar
"13 Again"
"Trip To The Moon"
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The cube world is the 1st episode of the 4th season

Two cubes in the land of Ooo take Finn to the land of Aaa

Meanwhile, in the Land of Ooo, Jake is fighting the Ice King. But this time it's not to rescue Princess Bubblegum (she's 13 again). It's over what piece Ice King will use in "Monopoly". Jake leaves as Ice King begs them to stay for Game Night. When Jake return to the Tree Fort, Finn was missing. Jake decided to the land of Aaa, Finn yells at the guy who captured him, it turns out to be Princess Bubblegum. She asks him over to the Candy Kingdom. When he gets to the castle, PB tells Finn she has been keeping a secret from him for years. She tells Finn that evil cubes summoned by The Lich were invading the land of Ooo and the land of Aaa

As Finn is about to depart, PB tries to stop him, saying that there are rumors that The Lich is back. Finn acknowledges the danger, kisses her goodbye & leaves, as a clearly emotional PB says "I love you, Finn". The farewell is quick & abbreviated overseas. PG bids farewell to Fionna by showing the Vulcan sign & saying "Fionna, live long... and prosper". On that note, Fionna leaves. As their treks begin, Fionna tells Cake that if she finds Finn, she will stay in Ooo forever.

Meanwhile, at The Lich's castle, The Lich is amassing a new army to take over the Candy Kingdom. In a menacing scene, The Lich sings "Be Prepared". Afterwards, The Lich says he screwed up the last note & asks if they can do it again.

Fionna & Cake hail a Magic Flying Cab to get to Ooo, since Fionna's fear of the ocean prevents going by ship. But Cake doesn't have exact change. The driver says "Eh, close enough".

Finn & Jake search all of Ooo. Along the way, they help people in danger, ransack the City of Thieves (and get ultimate revenge on Penny by stealing all her treasure and turn the city against her), slay ogres & even find a suitable cave for Party Pat & his posse of bears.

Soon, news of The Lich's advance reaches the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum is informed by Peppermint Butler of the news. Princess Bubblegum's orders the total mobilization of the Candy Army.

Soon, the Army mobilizes. As they go out, they sing "Do You Hear The People Sing?". They pass the Graveyard, where Starchy is digging new graves.

Meanwhile, Finn & Jake pay a visit to Ice King. They ask him questions regarding Fionna. Soon enough, Marshall Lee appears at the mention of his name. After scaring Ice King, he chats with Finn about Fionna & reveal's he is Marceline's brother, and that he was prank caller, then apologizes.

Fionna & Cake finally reach Ooo. They are immediately met with a view of The Lich's Army. In the distance, she see's Finn. Her immediate incentive is to run for it. But Cake advises against it. Suddenly, Fionna is tossed into the air by a landmine left over from the Mushroom War towards Finn's location.

Fionna lands near Finn, but out of sight. Both Finn & Fionna get a wierd feeling they have felt before. After a humorous sequence where they just miss each other, they finally come face-to-face. The 2 go into stasis to begin a process called "Memory Sharing". Images of the "Great Mushroom War" are shown. The sequence ends with Finn & Fionna at a loss of words. The 2 introduce themselves to each, then hug, as the scene fades.

As the next scene fades in, The Lich shouts "CHARGE!", as the 2 armies clash. Finn & Fionna hear the battle and rush to the scene. They waste no time joining the battle. The battle seems to be in the Candy Armies control... until The Lich tips the balance. Many Candy Soldiers are killed.

The climactic sword fight begins: Finn & Fionna vs. The Lich! It lasts only 3 minutes, and The Lich is overwhelmed. As The Lich dies, he says he will return, just like he always does. The day is won by the Candy Army!

Finn introduces Fionna to the Tree Fort after the ceremony where PB gives the Medal of Honor to Finn & Fionna. After the tour, Fionna declares she is staying forever! Finn responds by saying that life keeps getting more interesting. With that, Finn & Fionna hug again. Meanwhile Jake gives Cake a cook's tour of the Land of Ooo & introduces her to Marceline. During the end credits, fanart of Finn & Fionna plays while they look up to the night sky & realize their status as a critically endangered species.

After the credits, Billy arrives at the battlefield too late. He isn't in dismay for long, though, as he begins eating the remains of a dead Candy Soldier. Nearby, The Lich's soul heads for his lair, where he inhabits a clone body, then swears revenge against Finn.....But the two cubes got away and went in to BMO's computer hard drive. THE END

Song listEdit

  • Opening Theme - Self-Explanatory
  • Be Prepared - Jeremy Irons/Jim Cummings
  • Do You Hear The People Sing? - Michael Ball
  • Finn & Fionna - Serves as sort of a "love song" for Finn & Fionna; also heard throughout Season 4
  • Anakin's Betrayal - John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra (Heard during the "Memory Sharing" sequence)
  • Anakin's Dark Deeds - John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra (Heard during the main battle)
  • Battle of the Heroes - John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra (Heard during the final sword fight)
  • The Last Humans- Played during the end credits


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • The Lich: Jeremy Irons/Ian McDiarmid
  • Narrator: Patrick Stewart
  • Lead Candy Soldier: Michael Ball
  • Candy Soldier #1: Jeff Bennet
  • Candy Soldier #2: Jim Cummings
  • Skeleton Soldier #1: Rodger Bumpass
  • Skeleton Soldier #2: Bill Farmer
  • Taxi Driver: Nathan Lane


  • This is the first episode to feature the Mushroom War.
  • It is confirmed that Fionna is Finn's twin sister (as was the hunch of the fans).
  • As of this episode, Ice Queen is officially killed off.
  • Patrick Stewart narrates the episode.
  • The Lich breaks the Fourth Wall by saying that he waited all through Season 3 to come out of the shadows. He also interacts with the narrator, akin to Dick Dastardly or The Hooded Claw.

Cultral ReferencesEdit

  • Scenes from movies and TV series featuring nuclear war are in the "Memory Sharing" sequence.
  • The two ogres resemble Oscar The Garbage Grouch & Elmo.
  • A "Star Trek" reference is made when Prince Gumball bids farewell to Fionna. He makes the Vulcan peace symbol & even says Spock's famous quote "Live long & prosper"..

Episode ConnectionsEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum is once again 13 after an interrim episode where her feelings get the best of her & she makes a de-aging serum (through complications).

Storyline AnalysisEdit

  • This episode was voted the best episode of Season 4. It was also voted the best episode of Adventure Time to date.
  • The scene where Finn & Fionna hug for the first time was voted the most heartwarming scene in the history of the show. It also made #1 on the Nostalgia Critic's "Top 11 Most Heartwarming Moments".
  • Notes: just finished come along with me without crying


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